Modern Family Season 6 Episode 11 Review: The Day We Almost Died

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It's said that everyone reacts to a near-death experience differently.

This was especially true in Modern Family Season 6 Episode 11 when a truck ran a stop sign and Phil swerved to save everyone.

First off, you've gotta love how Claire described them as having a "quiet morning" when it all happened. The noise level in that car was deafening! I don't even know how Phil and Claire took their respective phone calls with all of that background chatter.

Claire decided that life was too short for her to be so controlling. She dragged Mitchell roller-skating by the beach (in his work suit) and forced him to go through a tunnel he was afraid of as a child.

I know you think you discovered the new you, but you're controlling even when you're trying to not be controlling.

Mitchell [to Claire]

I was totally not expecting Mitchell to get mugged, but I was also completely unsurprised when it happened. That's the type of thing that always ends up happening to Mitchell. Glad he made Claire give him her skates to get back to work.

I think Phil is probably my favorite character on the show, so it should come as no surprise that his storyline cracked me up.

Phil didn't want to be afraid anymore so the first thing he did was stand up to Gil Thorpe. Now that was a long time coming! Between the malpractice attorney, sleeping pills, and exorcism Phil was on a roll. Even Cam found Phil's new bold side to be intriguing.

"Is Phil sexy?"

Then Phil continued that streak by marching down to the appliance store and demanding they give cam the right dryer. Cam was definitely turned on a little until the Alpaca adventure.

This was a huge mistake. I am jammed in the backseat with a hairy Peruvian biter. It's spring break '92 all over again!


Manny and Jay were another funny moment. Jay always tries to teach life lessons by telling old geezer stories about life back in the day. Leave it to Gloria to realize that the one thing that was a strong driving force than Manny's fear is his need to protect his mother.

By the end, Luke's declaration was right, even if he was talking about a Mentos/soda jet pack:

Lesson learned- when pressure builds to dangerous levels, it must be released.


Everybody broke down in their own way. Then there was a big family hug. Awww.

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The Day We Almost Died Review

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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Claire: We are having fun.
Mitchell: You are. I'm just doing what you're making me do.

"To our best friend." That's a little sarcastic. It's her birthday, eh.