Pretty Little Liars Promo: Breaking the Law!

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The barrel is back!

In the latest promo for Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 17, the Liars have to break the law to find out what's inside. Huh? Why? It's pretty unclear, to be honest.

What does look clear is Hanna is stepping into Spencer's detecting shoes because this time she's in the hot seat as it's her butt on on the line. Suddenly, former super sleuth Spence is against such behavior, literally looking down her nose as she tells Hanna that, by trying to break into the room, she may have put Caleb's life on the line, too.

Well, when the tables turn, Spencer sure runs along onto the other side, right? Also, since when is the Liars breaking the law a big deal? Wouldn't not breaking the law be the real game changer?

If you need to catch up on this maze of mystery and want to find out the latest theories on what's inside the barrel (Mona's body), then you can watch Pretty Little Liars online via TV Fanatic to catch up!

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