Pretty Little Liars Round Table: A Hot New Hookup!

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Hot cougar hookups and college admission drama: Senior year in Rosewood is on fire!

Join Winston Rice, Paul Dailly, and Leigh Raines as we break down everything that happened on Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 15. Where is Holbrook and who planted that knife?

We break it down, below.

PLL RT - depreciated -

What was your favorite scene or quote from Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 15?

Winston: I really enjoyed the scenes with Spencer and Caleb. It's always interesting to watch two characters who don't normally interact with one another get the chance to do so, and I've always enjoyed the Spencer-Caleb dynamic.

Paul: I have to go with Emily finding out that Ezra hired a professional cook. Emily was so pissed off. It was fun to watch, but it seems quite obvious that something will happen with her and Em.

Leigh: I have to give Hanna some props for going to that trailer park. She knew something was up and she jumped right in, no b.s. Love Hanna’s badass side.

Jason D and Ashley Marin: REACT!

Winston: Love it. It's been awhile since we've seen anything on the Ashley dating front, and if Pastor Ted isn't satisfying her enough, I'm sure Jason will do just fine. Just fine, indeed. And besides, if Aria can hook up with her older teacher, Ashley sure as hell can hook up with her daughter's best friend's half brother, am I right? Or am I right?

Paul: I agree with Winston. I saw it coming a mile off when Hanna returned home, but the look on her face was priceless. It makes me wonder if he's working with A. One minute the guy seems as cold hearted as his mother, then before you know it he's being a really nice, genuine guy. Something's not right.

Leigh: I never really know what Jason’s intentions are and where his alliances lay. That being said, the chemistry was obvious from the second they were at the office. Ashley is a hottie. Fun little scandal! Except he did once make out with Aria, so ew.

Where is Holbrook?

Winston: I'm sure Ali has him locked away for safe keeping, just waiting to let him out for the perfect moment.

Paul: I think he's ran for the hills out of Rosewood with CeCe. It's too easy to think his father thought Hanna was Alison. It was probably CeCe he was referring to.

Leigh: Agree with Paul. He’s probably off with CeCe somewhere in A’s new lair.

Who sent Ali that note in jail?

Winston: This could be so many different people. Seeing as it wasn't signed "-A" (a trademark), I'm going to say it's one of Ali's new minions, possibly even Holbrook, who is more than willing to exact revenge on the friends Ali seems to think have wronged her.

Paul: Yeah, it could be ANYONE. Anyone in Rosewood could be A, but i'm gonna go with Jason.

Leigh: Maybe CeCe. I think we need a refresher on who the suspects are. I’m kind of starting to forget who could be on the A-List.

Why do you think that knife was planted and what do you think will happen with it?

Winston: Was it planted? After finding out the knife belonged to the Cavanaugh family, I'm surprised no one thought Jenna could be the one to have killed Mona and set up Ali. After all, there's been no love lost between those two. But I guess we'll never know. Unless of course A found a way to break into the kiln and steal the knife before it melted. Here's hoping A did, because other than to create a divide between Spencer and Toby, this discovery will have been worthless.

Paul: A probably planted it to put Spencer straight back into the frame. A will have the knife. There is no way we've seen the last of it.

Leigh: Paul has a great theory. Jenna has no love lost for Ali. I still think it was planted though. Nobody found it in previous sweeps of the property? Something is up with Spencer and Toby though and I believe Toby knows more than he is telling.

How screwed is Aria with that note?

Winston: Pretty screwed. First of all, I don't trust Jackie one bit. And secondly, after already assuming A was the one sabotaging her chance of getting into college, you'd think Aria would have been smart enough not to leave a paper trail for A to taunt her with.

Paul: Screwed. She isn't getting into any college. I liked Jackie this time round. She was fun, but I agree that she shouldn't be trusted.

Leigh: Seriously that was idiotic. What was Aria thinking? She is asking for trouble. Unless she is A, which a lot of people seem to think. Personally, I don’t think she’s A. I just think she’s acting really stupid and impulsively out of desperation. 

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