Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Ice, Ice Baby

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The liars have been in a lot of scary scenarios, but getting trapped in an ice cream freezer on Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 17 definitely ranked amongst the worst!

Meanwhile, it seemed like everyone was having relationship issues in Rosewood.

Below, join TV Fanatic staffers Paul Dailly, Winston Rice and Leigh Raines as they discuss the latest happenings on PLL...

PLL RT - depreciated -

What was your favorite quote or scene in PLL 517?

Paul: Favorite scene has got to be Spencer and Aria in danger. I never expected it to go that far. It made me think that A really does mean business this time round. I loved the way Emily just stared at the windows freezing up, clearly in shock.

Winston: I am totally with Paul on this one. I just love how intense the moment was. You could see it all over Emily's face - the desperation, the fear. There have been plenty of A iterations throughout the series, but I think this A might just be the scariest yet!

Leigh: I just love when Hanna and Caleb get all Bonnie and Clyde, so I'll go with Caleb on insisting he tag along to the storage unit even though he was against it.

Going on Tanner and Toby- what do you think was in the barrel?

Paul: I'm sure there was remains, but i'm not so sure they will be Mona. How shocking would it be they were Cece's?

Winston: I'm not sure anymore. I'll stick with Mona, but I'm not very confident with that answer. I would love it if Paul was right. Could you imagine Ali's reaction to Cece's death?

Leigh: Definitely remains, but what I’m more focused on is the drops of blood. Those weren’t there before, Spencer, Caleb, or Hanna would have noticed. I think that blood is going to throw off the detectives into thinking someone else is in the barrel.

More shocking couple downfall- Spoby or Ezria?

Paul: Spoby. Toby is really grating on my nerves. I understand he is under an oath to his job, but just shutting his girlfriend out isn't the best way to deal with it. He seems to forget he used to he involved in the A drama. Spencer was understandably upset after her nitrogen fueled antics. Toby really needs to pull it together, before it's too late.

Winston: Spoby have been on the rocks for weeks, so the downfall of that relationship didn't really surprise me. Ezria's breakup didn't really surprise me, either. What did surprise me was why they broke up. I'm used to Ezria breaking up over something crazy (like Ezra having lied to Aria for years about knowing Ali and writing a novel about her), and for once, they broke up over something normal.

Leigh: I thought Spoby was stronger than this. But I'll agree on Ezria. It just happened so quickly. We all knew the letter was stupid, but I didn't predict Ezra just calmly pulling the plug. They survived him being A!

Rank being stuck in the freezer in terms of scariness 1-10.

Paul: 10. Craziest scene of the series.

Winston: Depends on the situation. If there was a bunch of uneaten ice cream in that freezer, 5, because at least then I'm dying with a great last meal in front of me. If not, 10. What a horrible way to go!

Leigh: Knowing that A was doing it just to get their prints and probably not to fully kill them I'll go with 9. But before we saw that ending it was definitely a 10!

Predict Ashley's romantic future.

Paul: She will get set to marry Ted, but will bed hop Jason at least another handful of times and will most likely call the wedding off. It's like Laura Leighton is turning into her character Sydney from Melrose Place.

Winston: As a huge Melrose Place fan myself, I am totally digging how Sydney-like Ashley has been recently. All the lies, betrayal, and bed hopping!  But sooner rather than later, I think Ashley will accept Ted's proposal. She just has to get over her fear of getting remarried first.

Leigh: I don't know if she will say yes since she slipped the ring back off in the end. I do predict at least one more romp with Jason D.

Who is the next liar to get arrested/in trouble?

Paul: All signs point to Hanna. A has it in for her, but going by the preview for next week, could Holbrook be the one setting her up for the fall?

Winston: All of them. There's no way they don't all get carted in for questioning soon enough.

Leigh: Well I think A has everyone's prints except for Emily's now right? Spencer and Aria are definitely screwed after the factor. Hanna is like screwed because of the storage locker, but Caleb might have been able to help when he corrupted the files.

As teased below, Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 18 will be titled "Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me" and it will air on Tuesday, February 3.

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