Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 14 Review: Through a Glass, Darkly

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Between Teresa Guidice and Alison DiLaurentis, Orange really IS the new black!

After three months of speculation, Alison was finally arrested for the murder of Mona. The detectives even think they have enough evidence to pin Bethany's murder on her and clear Spencer's name.

Phew. But did they arrest the right liar?

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 14 was all about the evidence. Look, Alison is really suspect in general because she's a psycho and a raging liar. There's also a good amount of evidentiary support that all points in her direction. However, here's my honest opinion: Alison didn't kill Mona.

I know! I know! Don't get mad! It's just TOO easy. Alison is by no means an innocent person, but I'm not sure I believe she directly murdered Mona. The person in the video (which was suspiciously only working on Thanksgiving day) was likely wearing a blonde wig. That's the only real identifying factor.

If I were these four liars, I would train in some sort of martial arts, probably Krav Maga, and learn to take down these Attackers. We know there's more than one. Then I'd kick some ass and pull off that mask.

A is a real bully. She tries to scare the liars like holding up staple gun to Aria, but then just stapled her into a plastic sheet and stole the laptop. Alison in real life is kind of scared of the girls. When Aria blew that rape whistle she was off with her tail between her legs!

Alison: It's like you went to sleep one night and forgot who I am.
Aria: I know exactly who you are. A.
Alison: Stop saying that.
Aria: Why should I? You're A! You stole the game from Mona and then you killed her because she had proof.

And that slap? Hot damn! 

This episode was overall emotional and intense. Don't even get me started on Mike crying because I will start crying. Paige and Emily in the airport? I can't talk about it!

Thank goodness Tanner is starting to wise up. It does always come back to Radley. And getting Grunwald back in the fold was genius. I loved when she was talking to Hanna about the deep mess that Rosewood is.

Grunwald: How do you live in such a psychically constipated environment.
Hanna: I eat a lot of fiber.

As always, Hanna responded perfectly.

The real gem that came out of Grunwald's visit was this line:

Each one hated the other because each one feared the other because each one knew something about the other.

On that note, I will turn things over to the viewers. Do you think the liars are always too quick to assume they are safe? Personally I do, but I wanna hear from you! Hit the comments and let us know what you think.

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NOTE: Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 15 will be titled "Fresh Meat" and air on Tuesday, January 13.

Through a Glass, Darkly Review

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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

She set me up Jason! I’m gonna go to jail because of her. Somebody’s dead because of her. They’re the ones that are asking you to lie and all I want is the truth.


Showing up to your victim’s funeral? Classy.