Resurrection Season 2 Episode 11 Review: True Believer

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Is Preacher James a fraud?

That was the main question on Resurrection Season 2 Episode 11 as we witnessed the death of Henry Langston, oh and also his return.

Let's talk about the BIG death first. It came out of nowhere. If ABC's desperate promo to get people to tune in didn't spoil this development, it would have been one of the most shocking deaths this season. The way Lucille knew something wasn't right when her normally punctual husband didn't appear for the talk was heartbreaking.  

An Odd Connection - Resurrection

Lucille really was a true believer. She knew her husband would be back in Arcadia sooner or later and set out to guarantee this would happen. Little Jacob's face when his father returned was excellent. Is anyone getting the feeling that Preacher James is bringing these people back to build some sort of army?

We got a lot of answers in this thrilling installment. I don't know how to feel about James needing to be killed before he can go to the other side to help people to return. The fact we didn't get to see this other world makes me think his story could be bull. 

Seeing Margaret in prison was a treat. Well, it wasn't prison, but it could have passed as such. The government facility appears to be treating the returned well. We saw Margaret had a heart, even if she is still missing a spine! When she broke down, we couldn't help but feel bad for her. We still don't quite know what's going on in the woman's mind, but it appears we are getting some more insight to her character, which is always a good thing. It was quite a shock to see Michelle Fairley again even though she's appeared in pretty much every episode this season as a guest star.

Elsewhere... Rachel reappeared in Arcadia. She's apparently just been driving and driving since her last altercation with Janine. That's not believable at all. One thing that's grated on my nerves about this whole pregnancy is we keep being told it's going at an accelerated rate, yet we're about to hit the 12th episode of the season and it's not been born.

Elaine made an appearance this week. The woman is barely on the show these days. It was nice that she helped out Rachel with a room, but I don't see how a heavily pregnant, ready to pop woman would do at waiting tables, do you? 

It would be pleasant to see a little more of Elaine since we only have two more episodes of Resurrection Season 2 and most likely, the series. 

Now back to the revelations. The preacher James and Bellamy connection is really intriguing. The character of James just came out of nowhere and has been entertaining, thus far. I know we're being told he's been in the facility all this time, but where was he before that? Also, the scenes with everyone talking Bellamy into speaking to James were exciting. They were all very emotional and Bellamy probably felt he had to do it since Maggie had already helped him out so much.

"True Believer" was one of Resurrection's finest episodes to date. It had mystery, heartbreak and (for a change) answers. The final two episodes of the season have been set up very well and I can't wait to see where they they take us. 

Other bits from the episode:

  • Maggie saying she had no more room at her house made me laugh out loud. Can you imagine what it'd be like with Bellamy, his sister, Rachel and her baby all in one small house?
  • The acting from everyone was in top form tonight. 
  • How very Orange Is The New Black of them to have the facility be like a prison.

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What did you think of the episode? Do you agree about the developments of the episode? Where do you think the final few episodes of the season will take us? Hit the comments below. 

True Believer Review

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