Revenge Round Table: Emily vs. Amanda

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Louise made new friends and kicked her crazy family to the curb in "Kindred." Victoria held court but is there a new queen in town and should Emily choose Ben or Jack?

Our TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Miranda Wicker and Christine Orlando are joined by Laura from Revenge Agenda to debate Emily's name dilemma, Jack's career path and who wore the best outfit on Revenge Season 4 Episode 14...

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Should Emily go back to being Amanda, take on a whole new persona or stick to being Emily Thorne?

Paul: Emily Thorne. Being Amanda brought her so much pain. That's not to say that being Emily hasn't. I just feel like her being Amanda is a chapter of her life that is closed. Everyone knows her as Emily now. It should stay that wag.

Laura: I agree with Paul she really has become an identity of Emily Thorne that us who she is as an adult life...being Amanda Clarke is the child she left behind to fight for her dad's name...I think at this point does it matter for her to be Amanda? I don't see that it does other than the memories of Jack!

Miranda: She has to stick to being Emily Thorne. That's the identity she's assumed and how she feels most herself right now. Amanda died when David was taken to jail and then again when Fauxmanda did. 

Christine: Gosh, that would be confusing considering that Amanda Clarke officially died! I agree that she's been Emily Clarke for most of her adult life and it would be very difficult for her to go back.

Are you upset that Jack turned in his badge? What should he do next?

Paul: Not at all. It was the most forced storyline in recent memory. It was getting way too convoluted with Ben always trying to get in on the revenge-y shenanigans. He should re-open the stowaway. I've missed that place!

Laura: Once again I agree with Paul. Jack being a cop really didn't fit for his character or for the show in my opinion it was such a left field kind of thing and I am kind of glad he did especially since he is suppose to be the moral compass and now hiding a murder with good reason of course! But still kind of out of character! 

Miranda: Jack as a cop never ever made sense to me, so no, I'm in no way disappointed that he's not wearing a uniform anymore. He will probably go to work for Nolan as a bartender at the yacht club. 

Christine:  I disagree. I liked that Jack was a cop. I thought it not only fit who he was but it gave him a reason to be involved in other shorelines. The Stowaway has run it's course. Is Jack going to be the Hampton's hottest new bartender next? 

Emily and Ben or Emily and Jack? Which couple do you want to see?

Paul: Neither. Ben is annoying and downright boring. Jack and Emily will never be able to put the past behind them. Emily will always be the woman that took Carl's mother away from him.

Laura: Paul I like your answers so much like mine! I agree I am not a fan of a forced Ben down Emily throat (pun as we saw!) It isn't natural and sadly I am not a fan of Ben's! And with Jack I saw an opportunity for the writers to have a Jemily moment when Jack helped save Emily and they threw her to Ben so now I see more of a sibling relationship! But that's just my opinion!

Miranda: This is really tough. I like Ben because he's taller than Emily and they look good together. Even though the Jack/Emily "childhood love" story doesn't make sense, I still like the idea of them together. Had their ages been written differently and that ridiculous and stupid childhood wedding scene never been written (among other things) it would be way easier to see them together. In short, I have no idea.

Christine: Ugh. Ben has been forced on us but he was kind of cute in this episode. And I've never been a huge fan of Jack and Emily. I'm still upset they killed off Daniel. They had the best chemistry of any of Emily's love interest. 

Will Margaux ruin Jack in order to take down Emily?

Paul: She'll try, but she won't succeed.

Laura: Not sure what she will do?! She is so mad and seems so exaggerated for a man that had just slept with Louise shortly before he was killed so this all out declare of Emily War seems kind of overkill hopefully it leads to something good! We will see...

Miranda: I don't think she'll be able to do it. I think she might try to use him, but I don't think she's capable of ruining him just to ruin Emily. Margaux's not really the collateral damage type. 

Christine:  It's possible. She has a soft spot for Jack but since Daniel's death Margaux has practically anointed him for sainthood. Is it about Daniel's legacy or her reputation now that she's carrying his child.

Who was the best dressed at the wedding reception?

Paul: Louise. She looked amazing in that dress.

Laura: Can I just say how handsome Gabriel Mann looked and his hair looks the best ever! Loved it and him:) I wasn't a fan of Emily's dress or Vicky's and Louise looked like she was wearing a dress too small?! So I would say Nolan in that green jacket:)

Miranda: Nolan. No question. That skull tux, though? 

Christine:  I actually loved Emily's dress. It was simple but classic and elegant. She was stunning.

Did anything in "Kindred" disappoint you?

Paul: The slow pace to the good stuff. I get that the takedown was saved 'til the end, but there wasn't much interesting going on elsewhere. Victoria's storyline bored the life out of me.

Laura:  Again have to agree with Paul it was slow! But then we just saw Abducted how do you top that?! I also agree that Vicky's story line was so slow moving and her new friends I was just kind of like what?! Who are they?! Who is this new lady?! Kind of seemed random! 

Miranda: This is totally dumb, but Emily's hair. It was up when she was at the reception, then it was down and stick straight when she zoomed over to Clairmont to get Louise, then it was up again, then it was down and wavy when she went to Ben's. Just...that's not logical. 

Christine: I'm a big fan of Gina Torres but it felt like she was thrown into this episode for almost no reason. She's just the next person to ruffle Victoria's feathers. I'm hoping there's more to her and we find out soon. 

What was your favorite quote or scene from this Revenge Season 4 Episode 14?

Paul: Louise owning her mother. The woman needed taking down a few pegs. I hope she is never to be seen again.

Laura:  Loved when Emily and Nolan helped Louise and Louise said Marry the Mann marry his friends! It was sweet to see Nolan and Emily so kind to Louise too! She is really growing on me:)

Miranda: I pretty much loved Victoria holding court at the reception and forcing the other women to whip out their checkbooks to make donations to the Daniel Grayson foundation. God, that woman knows how to manipulate people!

Christine:  Louise has really grown on me. It's fun to see Nolan and Emily having an actual friend and helping her with her family drama instead of always being immersed in Emily's. Let's hope we see more of this dynamic going forward.

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