Revenge Season 4 Episode 12 Review: Descend Into Madness

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By this point in the season, summer should be winding down in the Hamptons, but things are crazier than ever. Revenge Season 4 Episode 12 gave us a glimpse into David Clarke's time working for new Big Bad David Clarke and ended with Emily and Victoria in serious danger.

And just when things were about to get really, really feisty between them, too! Oh, and Lyman Ellis came to town to take his sister Louise home, not that we could ever be so lucky.

Before we get to the actual good stuff of the episode, let's talk about the B plot: Lyman Ellis the politician and the sister he wants to keep in the closet. 

Lyman shows up at the club, surprising Louise and Nolan, and says he's come to take his sister home. Nolan likes his partner in debauchery and decides she's not going anywhere. Two dudes who aren't romantically involved with her in any way fighting over her. That's a semi-refreshing triangle. If only we actually cared about Louise.

Never fear, however! A fancy plot twist is here which will maybe make her less crazy and therefore someone we're supposed to root for. (Uhhh....)

As it turns out, those hallucinations Louise has been having are because she's being drugged by her family. Either her mother AND her brother or just her mother, but someone in the family wants Louise to be insane. Why? Money money money!

If Louise stays crazy, their mother controls her inheritance from their father's death. If Louise is proven sane and mentally competent, Mama's out on her ears. Nolan confronts Lyman with this information, which he claims not to know, and sends the dapper dude back to Savannah.

And now Louise will suddenly become a normal girl, particularly now that she's a regular cast member what with the (stupid) decision to kill Daniel Grayson.

But no, I'm not still bitter about losing a character I only liked for half the seasons only to gain one who was brought on in a completely unlikable way. (Bee tee double-you, writers, Louise was WAY more compelling when she was obsessed with Victoria. Way more.)

Anyway. The best thing that came out of the B-plot is that Emily and Nolan found the picture Victoria sent Kate so Emily knows that Daniel's death is actually Victoria's fault since Victoria sent Kate sniffing in Emily's direction. That scene between them was GOLD and I wanted to keep Emily talking and telling Victoria all the ways she'd screwed up her own life by always worrying about her own skin.

They were so adversarial in that moment and unleashing things they'd been holding in since Daniel died and it was great.

Not that it will matter for very long now that Emily and Victoria are both prisoners of Malcolm Black who will be forced to work together and Emily will probably save Victoria's life and they'll bond and then Ben and Margaux will come after Emily because now they both know the truth.

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself with the predictions but I did say Ben and Margaux needed to be on-boarded in this scheme to kill/capture/torture/whatever Malcolm Black and that has sort of happened now. Either I'm clairvoyant or this is being totally telegraphed to all of us.

You know what? I don't even care.

I'm enjoying the story being told right now about David and where he was all those years and Malcolm Black being legitimately insane. I'm enjoying Ben (finally, weirdly enough) and kind of hoping he and Emily can go on that date when she gets out of whatever cage she's being kept in. 

I want Margaux to use all the powers of the media at her disposal to blow Malcolm Black out of the proverbial water. Let her win a Pulitzer or something! Even though that seems impossible since the flash drive Jack turned over to the police which was, allegedly, chock full of Black's criminal activity wasn't sufficient evidence for the feds to hold him. Did Kate Taylor have that much pull? Is the entire FBI on Black's payroll? 

Seriously. What happened there? If the flash drive wouldn't actually be enough to convict Malcolm Black, what was David's grand plan in having Nolan release it should he not return from the rendezvous? 

I wanted to be really proud of Jack for handling things without bloodshed and he was so proud of himself! Leave the criminal masterminding to the actual criminals, Jack. 

Is it just me or is it ridiculously comical when David Clarke lowers his forehead and looks up and there are shadows on his face and he says something like "You have no idea what you've just done...."? Because yes, that's sort of funny to me that it keeps happening. And that it is continuously directed at Jack.

Oh, Jack Porter. You are literally too good for criminal enterprise.

What did you think of "Madness"? How do you feel about Jack's decision to get in the middle of David's plan? Is that the last we'll see of Lyman Ellis? Will Emily and Victoria both make it out of Malcolm Black's clutches alive? Let's watch Revenge online and find out!

NOTE: Revenge Season 4 Episode 13 will be titled "Abduction" and air on January 18.

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Nolan: Ems, you're finally going to get your happy ending. I'm really going to miss you.
Emily: Oh, please. You're already hobnobbing with hot redheads.
Nolan: You know gentlemen prefer blondes.

David: Do you remember when we moved here? We thought it was Heaven.
Emily: Well, the Devil can have it.