Scandal: Watch Season 4 Episode 10 Online

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In a word? FINALLY!

Right, Scandal Fanatics?!? After far too long of a winter hiatus, the craziest show on television returned with Scandal Season 4 Episode 10, as the fight for Olivia’s life got underway.

This special installment was told entirely from the MIA Gladiator’s point of view.

It went back over some past events from the series, shedding new light on these developments in pretty cool fashion.

Meaning what, exactly? Click on the video below to watch Scandal online and find out right now.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

I only negotiate with people who have the power to say yes or no. You don’t have that. You're not in charge. No one in this ambulance is in charge. The guy back at the apartment who had his hand on my mouth, he is in charge. He never said a word, but you all looked at him every time you spoke. You were checking for approval. He was in charge. He says yes or no. So me begging and bargaining here with you is a waste of my breath and you can't kill me unless he says you can. So no I don't have a death wish because he’s not here to be afraid of.


Olivia: Ian I know everything looks really bad right now and you don't know me, but I'm gonna tell you something and I need you to believe me. I'm gonna save us. Ok? Ok. Say it.
Ian: You're going to save us.
Olivia: Yes I'm going to save.
Ian: How?
Olivia: I'm Olivia Pope.