Scorpion Season 1 Episode 15 Review: Charades

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It's a little awkward giving flirting advice to the friend you just had a romantic dream about.

On Scorpion Season 1 Episode 15, things between Paige and Walter are heating up, but Walter isn't aware of it, really. This is a great way to bring back up the possibility of Paige and Walter potentially becoming an item.

First, there's the romantic dream that has Paige questioning how she views Walter, and then she has to teach him how to flirt. That's right, Walter O'Brien is required to romance a woman for a case. There's just so much great entertainment in this episode.

Alright, let's tackle the dream first. It is nice that it isn't a dream sequence where the two of them are making out. It's the aftermath of a great night where Paige is concerned about Ralph. This is a realistic dream. If Paige does have feelings for Walter and does act on them, Ralph would be her main concern.

It would have been easy to have Paige's dream involve a heavy make out session to please fans, but it's so much better that it isn't.

Now let's discuss the various times during the episode that Paige flirts or teaches Walter to flirt. It's glorious. The phone call? Paige just goes for it without any concern that the rest of the team is staring at her. As if that isn't great enough, there's the flirting lesson with Walter where Sylvester is sitting on the couch observing the whole thing. Honestly, the only thing that could have made this all better is if Toby attempted to give Happy flirting tips.

Paige reaching out to Toby is adorable and shows that Paige does at least trust Toby enough to vaguely ask about her situation. This is the first time (if memory serves) that Paige goes to Toby for help on a personal matter. They are at that stage in their friendship where Paige feels like she can trust him. Paige came into this an outsider, and slowly but surely, she is creating relationships with everyone. Even though this is a small moment, it really shows how far Paige and Toby have come.

Whatever thoughts you are having about Drew or anyone else, you ask yourself could this hurt Ralph? You take care of your most important thing.


In the end, Toby didn't need a whole lot of help to figure out the truth behind Paige's dream. He, thankfully, does not pry or make a big deal about it. Instead, Toby offers his advice. Look out for Ralph at all costs. Do you think Paige should go on a date with Walter or ignore her feelings for Ralph's sake?

As far as the case goes, the agency change up is a fun touch. Team Scorpion gets to briefly play at the CIA, and come on, the tech demonstration is ridiculously entertaining. It is awesome that these gadgets actually play a role in the case. That scene could have just been a throwaway where the team is geeking out over new tech (well, everyone but Happy), but instead the tech gets to be tried out. Which one is your favorite gadget?

This case surprisingly features a lot of undercover work. This isn't typically what Team Scorpion does, but they are broadening their horizons. Walter may have even learned a thing or two. He is pretty suave when Paige is in his ear telling him what to say. He isn't quite prepared for solo missions, but Walter does pretty well under pressure. I mean that kiss was all him.

Paige proves how valuable she is to the team during this episode. She is the one who pushes the angle that the leak is actually in love, and that it isn't some huge code. She is the one who stops Walter from tipping Fatima off on the phone, which would have ruined the case. Paige steps up in this episode. The team wouldn't have gotten very far without her.

What did you think of the episode? Did it make you ship Walter and Paige more? Leave me your thoughts and favorite moment in a comment below.

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