Stalker Round Table: Beth 2.0?

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We have plenty to discuss after Stalker Season 1 Episode 13; from all of Beth's work colleagues rallying to her at her home, to one of the most twisted cases yet. 

Below, staff members Stacy Glanzman, Allison Nichols, Paul Dailly and TV Fanatic super fan Amy Perrin discuss this thrilling installment and what's to come. Remember to chime in with your answers to the questions in the Comments... 

Stalker RT - depreciated -

What did you think of the case? 

Stacy: It definitely wasn't one of my favorites. I had a hard time paying attention to it with the much more interesting developments with Perry and Ray going on.

Amy: I enjoyed the case. I kind of suspected that it might be Lauren/Candice, but I did not think she would turn out to be obsessed with Keith, and doing all of this to see that he got the anchor position.

Paul: It was okay. Not the best. Usually the cases with celebrities annoy me. They just seem like they rely on cheap thrills. 

Allison: It was interesting. I never really thought that people would be obsessed with their news anchor. The show has done a good job of showing the variety of people who have stalkers.

The team showing up at Beths door. React.

Stacy: I thought it was a really sweet gesture and I'm glad Ben is in the loop now. I had actually been wondering why there hadn't been any mention of a security detail for Beth once Perry was released on bail, so I'm glad that was brought up.

Amy: I was really happy to see them. Before they showed up I was thinking it was rather stupid of Beth to go home, and make herself an easy target for Ray and Perry.

Paul: This was really nice. Beth understandably must find it weird having everyone know about her life, as she's been very private because of past events. I hope they further develop Janice and Ben's life outside the TAU.

Allison: Loved it! Such a cute team moment that lets Beth know how much she is loved. I definitely agree with Amy about how stupid it was for Beth to go home. I’m pretty sure safe houses were invented for this reason.

What will happen next with Ray and Perry?

Stacy: It was interesting to find out Ray wants Beth back and revenge doesn't seem to be motivating him. I could see that causing a riff between him and Perry as Perry obviously has other ideas and he's clearly the one in charge.

Amy: I can see one of two things happening. They will both come after Beth together, or Ray will kill Perry and come after Beth himself. As creepy as Perry is, I feel that Ray is a lot worse, and extremely dangerous.

Paul: I like that observation Amy. Ray appears to want to get back with Beth, so it seems obvious that he would want to off Perry in order to make Beth change her opinion of him, but it won't. She will kill him. 

Allison: I feel like Ray will do something that will distance himself from Perry or that will cause Perry to second guess their partnership. Ray waits to call Beth until he is away from Perry (he was inside paying), so it is unlikely that Perry knew about the phone call.

Does Beth feel relieved that pretty much all of her colleagues know, or scared that everyone knows the truth?

Stacy: I think it's a little bit of both, but mostly relieved. It's hard to keep a secret like that and she's been so closed off because of it. She saw at the end how much these people truly care about her and she knows they have her back.

Amy: I think that even though she was hesitant to share it with everyone, she is grateful to have their support. Beth is fiercely independent, but she is going to need all of her colleagues to beat Ray and Perry. They have already shown how much they care about her.

Paul. I think she's relieved. She has been a very reserved character, she doesn't let anyone know anything, so I'm guessing we will begin to see Beth 2.0.

Allison: I don’t know if relieved is the right word. Everyone knows which is good because they can help her, but I doubt she is happy that this dark part of her past has resurfaced. Beth changed her name. She wanted to get away from this and to never have to deal with it again, and now it is being dragged up and multiple people know about it. She isn’t scared, but I don’t think she is super happy that the truth is out.

Is Ben jealous of Jack?

Stacy: He definitely seemed jealous that Jack and Janice were in the loop and he wasn't. He doesn't really seem like he has much to do in general though.

Amy: Yes, Ben is absolutely jealous of Jack. You can just tell by the way he looks at Jack. I think he resents Jack's position, but also Jack's personality.

Paul: Yes. He has been since the day Jack started working at the TAU. Maybe he's intimidated that another guy is working there, but something just appears off with him. 

Allison:Yes. Jack has the job that Ben wants, and Jack was in the know before Ben was. I feel like Ben thinks he deserves to be closer to Beth and to have the more important role because he has been a part of the team longer than Jack has.

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