Supernatural Round Table: Charlie Into Darkness

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Charlie's returned from her adventures in Oz... with a bit of a dark side.

But just who would win in a fight between dark Charlie, soulless Sam and demon Dean? TV Fanatic staff writers Narsimha Chintaluri, Carla Day and Sean McKenna and The Winchester Family Business' Alice Jester have the answer. And they're ready to share their thoughts on Supernatural Season 10 Episode 11.

So join in the chat, because there's no place like home the Supernatural Round Table.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene?

Narsimha: The fight scene with Dean and dark Charlie. He really had to fight the urge of the Mark to avoid harming good Charlie any further.

Alice: I’m with Narsimha, Dean going off on Dark Charlie after she started it by picking that fight. The whole setup, Sam while holding an unconscious good Charlie stopping Dean just in time, Dean’s mortified look in the background when it dawned on him what he did, and both Charlies facing one another on the ground. I loved the VFX and the score when the two Charlies merged together and Sam’s sympathetic hug when it was over (there’s the Sammy I love!) All the emotional beats worked perfectly in that scene for some reason. Considering this show hasn’t been hitting emotional beats very well these days, I was impressed, not to mention a bit teary.

Carla: I enjoyed the arrival of the Wizard. The sacrifice of his "good" self for the betterment of Oz was a noble end and then seeing Charlie be reintegrated into one being. It was very symbolic of what's going on with Dean.

Sean: I actually liked the scene after dark Charlie escapes and Sam and Dean run into good Charlie. I was intrigued where the story would go and if Charlie was possessed by a demon, but it was nice to be surprised by the twist. Plus, her cheery self really accentuated the two different versions during the episode.

What did you think Charlie's return, especially as good Charlie and dark Charlie?

Narsimha: I thought it was great to see the versatility in playing two very different roles -- and everyone from Sam to Castiel have had good/evil storylines, so why not give Charlie one? The timing could've been better, considering that the overall arc of the season seems to be at a standstill.

Alice: I thought I’d hate it. I was so unimpressed after her last outing in “Slumber Party” I was ready to be over her. But I loved it. She played both sides perfectly and gave us the best guest appearance of the season by far. I’m also assuming that by showing Charlie taming her dark side, she’s showing Dean it can be done. It takes a good woman to knock some sense into these Winchesters. They’ve been in a rut too long.

Carla: Loved it. I hadn't seen any previews so the reveal of the good and dark Charlie surprised me. No one is all good or all bad and I enjoyed seeing what happens to someone when the balance isn't there. It's not good to be all good or all dark. Unlike Narsimha, I felt Charlie's return fit in perfectly with the overall arc. Charlie's struggle was as much about her as it was about helping Dean come to terms with the Mark.

Sean: I was skeptical, especially since I wasn't really a fan of the "Slumber Party" episode. But I actually enjoyed Charlie the most in this episode because we got to see all three versions: good Charlie, dark Charlie and regular Charlie. Plus, I loved that Felicia Day got to show some real range for her character, and her dark version was fantastic.

Do you want to see more lore or stories involving Oz?

Narsimha: Maybe if we actually go into Oz -- seeing Sam and Dean in that universe with Charlie would probably make for one very entertaining episode. 

Alice: Nope, nada, no way, never ever again. The whole Oz thing was too fantasy for me. This is my dark demonic/monster themed sci-fi show that takes place on earth. Oz was too out there. I’m glad Charlie can’t go back that. What happened in Oz can now stay in Oz.

Carla: Absolutely. I love Charlie. She's my favorite current recurring character. Supernatural has proven they can do weird episodes well, so Dean and Sam in Oz would be a pleasant departure from our realm.

Sean: I liked the concept of Oz and its connection to the Men of Letters, but I don't really want to go beyond that. I'm still a bit confused on some of the magic of Oz, and delving too much into Oz itself takes away from Supernatural itself. They are two different entities with big mythologies I'd prefer to see separate.

Will Dean wind up living with the Mark or will the brothers find a way to get rid of it?

Narsimha: They'll most likely find a way to get rid of it. Although, I don't see any reason why Dean couldn't learn to live with it. It's pretty safe to say he's one of the toughest human beings in existence.

Alice: I keep going back and forth on this. I’m hoping Dean ends up living with it. He really needs to learn self-control, self-respect, and stop thinking of himself as a no good dangerous monster/killer. Sam lived with demon blood all those years (anyone think he still has it?) and Dean can live with his burdens as well. He’s a tough cookie.

Carla: This is not something I would bet on. It easily could go either way. My choice would be for Dean to live with the Mark and find a way to channel the power of the Mark and use it for good. I'm not sure if that's even possible, but if anyone can do it it's a Winchester, right?

Sean: I really am not sure. Cain keeps getting mentioned, so I'm sure he'll factor in with an end result. But I do think it would be interesting to see Dean learn to conquer the Mark. I think he can do it. Just look at all the impossible tasks he (and Sam) have overcome.

Who would win in a fight between soulless Sam, demon Dean or dark Charlie?

Narsimha: Oh demon Dean for sure -- and probably because demon Dean is still very much like Dean in many ways. The experience Dean has + his actual skill set = a win in my books.

Alice: Hee, that would be worth the price of admission, wouldn’t it? Given the fact that soulless Sam was taken out essentially by a wussier version of himself, not him. Dark Charlie was tough, but she was no match for Dean on a MOC bender! Logistically, you could have dark Charlie and soulless Sam collaborate to take on Demon Dean, but both of them have that “every man for himself” vibe. So, after putting way too much thought into this, Demon Dean!

Carla: Soulless Sam for sure. While Dean became a Demon, he still had feelings and cared. Soulless Sam didn't care about anything and wouldn't have even thought about holding back against the other two. And, for Dark Charlie, she may not have cared about Sam or Dean, Soulless Sam would have crushed her.

Sean: That would be an awesome fight sequence to watch, though I'm sure that soulless Sam and demon Dean would probably have a better chance at the win. I love the idea of a team-up, too. Demon Dean would be ruthless, sure, but would his demon arrogance and desire to do karaoke interfere? I'll pick soulless Sam because he won't let the emotions get in the way. No matter the victor, though, I would love to see this battle. Period.

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