Supernatural Season 10 Episode 11 Picture Preview: Return from Oz

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The last time Sam and Dean saw Charlie, she was off on a yellow-brick road adventure.

But on Supernatural Season 10 Episode 11, Charlie is back from Oz ... and things aren't looking quite so great for their friend.

In these preview photos of "There's No Place Like Home," it looks like the Charlie, Sam and Dean reunion isn't a super happy one.

And with a bright green light and that body on the ground, perhaps Charlie brought something with her when she came back from that magical land?

If you want to refresh your memory on Charlie's last adventure, or you want to catch all the Winchester action, you can always watch Supernatural online via TV Fanatic.

No ruby red slippers needed! Enjoy!

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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 11 Quotes

Oh Sam, you're adorable. You're not gonna hurt me, in fact that's your problem. All good guy code no bite, what a waste.


Sooner we get rid of this demonic tramp stamp, I am back on the booze, burgers... and more booze. Tell me you got something.