The Flash Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Revenge of the Rogues

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The power of Captain Cold and Heat Wave make for a very wicked, bad-guy duo with a very old-fashioned, comic book feel.

On The Flash Season 1 Episode 10 Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell do their best to embody Leonard Snart and Mick Rory. They use slow, drawling, monotonous voices as they taunt the Scarlett Speedster and Mick wonders why in the hell they care about him at all when there are millions at their fingertips.

Really, the hour is pivotal in taking us to the next level of the series. It's setting the stage for Wells to try influence Barry to get faster and ignore the fire and ice goons to meet his own personal agenda with the Reverse Flash and for Barry to get back where he belongs, with Joe. 

Barry Allen also comes out – as The Flash!

It was a little surprising just how little happened considering how large the premise of Heat and Cold loomed before us. That's not to say they didn't live up to the hype, because they were incredibly entertaining and hopefully they're going to remain Rogues on The Flash for a very long time. We've just become accustomed to stories with an overarching theme and this one didn't have it. That's OK.

Three names were officially used. Cisco coined Reverse Flash and Heat Wave and Snart used Scarlett Speedster. I wonder if that will catch on outside of his own mouth.

Of course, to catch the fiery, icy duo, Barry had to make the decision to out himself as The Flash. Since Caitlin's life was in jeopardy, he didn't hesitate. It will be really interesting to see how Central City reacts to the news of a superhero in their midst. While Arrow was, at first, viewed negatively, The Flash was unveiled working hand in hand with the police, so his should be a much warmer welcome, even though his earlier brushes in the public eye were sometimes less than savory. Word so far? He's a hero.

There were a lot of interesting little flashes of love by the characters for one another. When Barry was in training, trying to improve in order best the Reverse Flash, when he was hesitating on the ground as a missile hurled towards him, Wells had one foot on the ground, just about ready to hoist himself up out of the chair before Barry lunged into the air, grabbed the missile mid-flight and sent it spiraling. Would Wells have flashed himself over to save Barry if he thought he was truly in danger? How would that have played out? Carrying on with the shades of gray makes him one of the most intriguing characters of the series.

Cisco's love for Caitlin almost killed her. He was so darn happy to see her, he tripped the wire that triggered the bomb under her chair. Joe saved the day, and all was well as they hugged it out. Everyone has each other's back in one way or another. It's so darn sweet.

The big day finally arrived; Iris is moving in with Eddie. It was hard not to laugh at Eddie when he tried small talk with Joe.

You know you can come around any time, Joe. Just give us a heads up. Or not. Whenever. You want a key? [chuckles nervously]


But it's also getting easier to like Eddie overall. When Barry gave him the chance to accept praise for his part in capturing Cold and Mick, he could have taken it, but he didn't. He gave it to The Flash without hesitation. Something tells me we'll start to like him more and more before we discover his connections to the Reverse Flash. Heck, he'll probably discover them the same time we do. Will his Reverse be as gray as Well's version?

It's been a while since we've checked in with Henry at Iron Heights and I miss those moments. At least we'll have a lot more of Barry and Joe. It didn't matter that Barry barely lived away from the house he grew up in because it took no coaxing at all before a nanosecond later he was standing in the door with all of his possessions, back where he belongs. 

Misc. Bits -n- Bobs:

  • A nerd survival kit. That is all.
  • Mick is right, wealthy people do spend their money on dumb stuff.
  • The science in Ghostbusters is amazingly accurate. And it's funny, too!
  • Joe yelling for for Cold and Heat to "Freeze!" just before Mick asks why they're called the Heat when he clearly has it.
  • Anybody have any idea why on earth Iris showed up at the "situation" going down with The Flash, Eddie and Captain Cold and the gang?  
  • The police captain first assuring Cisco his men weren't dummies, then thanking him for his contribution.
  • They may not have made the review, but the other The Flash quotes were great nonetheless. Check 'em out.

"Revenge of the Rogues" was a fun, comfortable ride that opens up the world just enough to shake the foundation of the major players so we can see how much they can handle. Are they ready for what's coming their way? I think so.

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Revenge of the Rogues Review

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