The Mindy Project Midseason Report Card: Grade It!

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From the moment Danny and Mindy kissed in The Mindy Project Season 2, the series has changed... luckily, for the better. 

Now in The Mindy Project Season 3, the relationship between our favorite doctors has made the show stronger, unlike other shows who have had an issue when their main couple gets together. 

In addition to Danny and Mindy, there have introductions to family members, new relationships, and great guest stars to join the crazy practice of Schulman and Associates. 

Now let's take a look back at the pros and cons of The Mindy Project Season 3.

Juggling New Love - The Mindy Project

Best Episode: The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 11.  It was an episode of change for Mindy. We saw Mindy both further her career and, hopefully, her relationship with Danny. But, in addition, there was an appearance by Julia Stiles as a hoarding mess of a date for Peter/Morgan and the Ken Burns type documentary on one Mr. Danny Castellanos by Mindy. Even though there wasn't a proposal, the episode had a sweet recommendation letter by Danny that helped her get a fellowship at Stanford. 

Worst Episode: The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 4. There was a lot of ridiculousness that went on in this episode and a whole lot of innuendo for a network program. Watching the lovable grump, Danny Castellano, digress into a horny teenager for the story was not something fun to be watched. There were likable parts as Morgan tried to convince Peter and Jeremy that made up for other parts of the episode. 

Best Character: There are plenty of great characters, but the character who has been consistently been fun to watch is the title character herself, Mindy Lahiri. Mindy has grown a lot since we first met her. She is still funny and endearing to watch, but it has been great to watch her grow as a person in her new relationship. Sure, she still has her self-absorbed and has crazy antics over and over again, but that is what makes her character great. You love the character because of them.

Most Underused Character: Jeremy has gotten lost in a lot of shuffle with Danny and Mindy as a couple and the introduction of the scene-stealing Peter. His insistence on keeping everything on track at the practice with all the chaos around it always makes for funny moments, but when the rest of the characters are more involved in the bigger stories, Jeremy gets lost in everything. His true comedic moment came when he posed as a frat guy in The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 5 making people realize just how funny he can be.

Best Danny Castellano Moment: Diamond Dan! We got to see Danny bust some moves for Mindy in The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 11, but who would've thought there was a reason he could dance. It was already a highlight to learn that Danny was once a stripper, but having Chris Messina show off some of the Diamond Dan moves for Mindy was a scene for the ages. It's difficult to top it.

Favorite Guest Star: Rhea Perlman as Danny's mom, Annette. Rhea Perlman is everything you could hope for in Danny's mom. She is pretty much Danny Castellano, but in older woman form, which just gives more reasons to like her. She's a great addition to the guest cast and Rhea Perlman's comedic talents are well put to the test. There's no one else I can imagine playing Danny's mom.

Hopes for 2015: A good transition for Mindy at Stanford. When received the fellowship in California, but this means our main character will be separated from the rest of Schulman and Associates, as well as her significant other, Danny. Hopefully, with Mindy being across the country that there will still be plenty of storylines with those who remain in New York. I like the idea of Mindy furthering her career, but to it is also fun to see Mindy interacting with Morgan, Peter, Jeremy, etc., so I hope both coasts will be featured enough.

Overall Grade: B.

Your turn! What have you thought about the current season, so far? If you need to catch up on any of the episodes, make sure you watch The Mindy Project online now.  

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