The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 12 Review: The Musk Who Fell to Earth

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Show of hands, who out there knew who Elon Musk was before watching The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 12?  I have to admit, I had to read about him on Wikipedia during a commercial break. 

What's funny is I happened to read about him being a co-founder of Paypal right before Homer made the comment that Paypal was really his idea and he just hadn't had the chance to follow through with it yet. Sure Homer, we all believe you. 

I love when The Simpsons starts an episode with some random event that leads to the main storyline of the episode as the bald eagle did with this one. Remember when the badger led to Homer's hatred of two area codes and split the town? It's a classic Simpsons' strategy. 

I'm not going to lie, when I saw the spaceship I wondered if Kang and Kodos would make another appearance, but thankfully they didn't. I still think there's an overarching season theme with them, but it was nice having a break from them. 

Grounds keeper Willie has had his work cut out for him if he's been energizing the elementary school for all these years just by pushing a wheel. I bet no one was more thankful than he when Elon came to town and suggested using electricity from the power plant. 

Unfortunately for Lenny and other employees of the power plant, things did not go as well as they were laid off and the town plunged into an "epression." Anyone who was also around during the Great Depression can sing along!

Marge seems to have a full proof way of breaking up with someone and Homer puts it to the test with Elon. He even goes through with his plan to end the friendship after Elon saves his life. Poor timing Homer. 

Lisa on the other hand couldn't get enough of the guy, even going so far as stowing away in his space ship. They didn't get very far before he realized she was there and brought her back. How funny was seeing Lisa buried under all of his balled up notes though? 

We learned something very important in this episode – Bart named Maggie! I wonder where he came up with that? With names like Squaky and Stampy it seems like he gravitates towards names that end with the "ee" sound. Maybe Bart came up with Maggie and Marge and Homer decided to make it Margaret, with Maggie for short. 

Be honest, how many of us has wanted a real light saber at some point in our lives? I was a little jealous of Bart at the end. 

All in all, pretty good episode and Elon Musk turned out to be a fun guest star. I'm guessing a lot more people know who he is now. 

No new episode next week thanks to a certain football game. In the meantime, you can watch The Simpsons online

The Musk Who Fell to Earth Review

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