Arrow Casts Deathbolt: Who Has Landed the Role?

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Another metahuman is making his way to Starling City, but he won't come via The Flash.

Doug Jones has landed the role of Jake Simmons AKA Deathbolt, who will make an appearance in Arrow Season 3 Episode 19, "Broken Arrow." Deathbolt has the ability to harness and weaponize plasma energy.

Doug Jones Deathbolt

What makes this meta different than others who have visited Arrow (such as Barry himself) is that he is being introduced on the show, which until now has stayed away from the metahuman side of things when not associated with The Flash.

Jones is known for his roles on Falling Skies and Teen Wolf. 

Are you interested in finding out exactly how this metahuman wound up in Starling City? Did he come by way of Central City and the particle accelerator explosion or something completely different? We'll find out soon enough.

In the meantime, if you need to catch up, you can watch Arrow online via TV Fanatic. 

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