Better Call Saul Round Table: From Zero to Hero!

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Jimmy McGill is one of television's best con men. Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 4 saw him taking a huge risk in order to earn an even bigger reward. 

What did we think of his latest stunt? Join Narsimha Chintulari, Ashley Bissette Summerel, Orrin Konheim, and Miranda Wicker as we break down Better Call Saul, and then sound off in the comments below.

Better Call Saul Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite quote or scene from "Hero"?

Narsimha:  There was so much to love -- but I personally found myself at the edge of my seat, and then leaping right up out of it, during the staged billboard debacle. Even though I should've guessed that it was all staged, I found myself believing that it was all a huge coincidence, and didn't really place too much faith in the writers (just like with the opening scene/scam that the Mike Meyers-looking version of Saul ran). The directing was fantastic, and visually stunning, as well.

Ashley: I also really loved the billboard scene. I even felt a little nauseous the way it was done! My favorite quote was probably in the beginning when that guy asks Jimmy/Saul his name. "S'all good, man!" 

Orrin: I didn't love this episode because I wanted to see more Nacho/Kettleman action rather than moving on to the next thing. So for that reason, I liked the scene with Nacho. It seems like Jimmy just can't please everybody but he's always willing to explain in his patented "Listen closely, dummy" way exactly why the world works the way it does. Amazingly, he does this in a way that makes people who have the ability and desire to seriously cause him bodily harm not want to mangle his face in. That's sort of the magic of the character.

Miranda: "S'all good, man" gets my vote! I am eagerly awaiting the moment Jimmy McGill adopts his new persona and that little moment just got me all excited for what's yet to come. Runner-up goes to Kim's visit at the nail salon. I'm really interested in what the relationship between these two was/is/will be.

Were you surprised Jimmy took hush money from the Kettlemans?

Narsimha: A bit, but not too much. As the opening scam showed, he's never been a stranger to the hustle -- he just seems to prefer using his talents and smarts for validation rather than go about earning what he's due through shady means. But then again, he lives in the back of a nail shop and has probably been wearing the same suit since the 80s. 

Ashley: Not really. He's been trying to do the right thing (okay, mostly) and it's been getting him no where. I actually really wanted him to take the money too, and I would have been disappointed if he hadn't!

Orrin: From a guy who has run approximately two cons an episode up to this point? Of course not. That being said, Jimmy does have a moral code but it doesn't necessarily mesh well with legal ethical standards but isn't that point of the show? I think we're supposed to ask ourselves "well, he's not supposed to do that, but...hmmm.why?"

Miranda: Actually, yes, I was surprised. He's trying to hard to separate himself from his "Slippin' Jimmy" past that I thought he would hold out. After watching that con he pulled, I'm glad he didn't.

What's next for Jimmy and Nacho?

Narsimha: As Jimmy begins the transition to Saul, I'm sure he'll grow to being okay with Nacho's endeavors to an extent. It will probably be more or less the don't ask, don't tell policy he tried to have with Walt.  

Ashley: Oh, I can see the incident with the Kettlemans being just the beginning. I think they'll work together but have similar misunderstandings and sticky situations. I loved how Saul told Nacho all the ways he screwed up with that whole thing, too! 

Orrin: More screentime, hopefully. Also, is it too early to speculate on Nacho's future? I don't believe he's in Breaking Bad and it doesn't seem like his career has a long life expectancy, so, yeah....

Miranda: Nacho was not in Breaking Bad, Orrin. You are correct in that regard. But I get the sense that he's not quite the same kind of gangster as Tuco, so there are lots of ways his story can go. Now that Nacho knows Jimmy's actually a pretty smart guy, I predict he returns to the shady lawyer for more legal advice, and soon.

Scale of 1 to Genius, how great was Jimmy's plan to gain clients?

Narsimha: It was Heisenberg-level. 

Ashley: Completely genius. I like the way Narsimha puts it: Heisenberg-level for sure.

Orrin: Really? There was a guy I watched on Letterman risking his life to save another guy on the Subway and afterwards, he got offered a car by Donald Trump and a job pitching for Subway. Saving someone's life is good for publicity and good will, but that doesn't mean they would automatically trust his legal ability. Also, doesn't the presence of a student journalist filming it reek of a set-up. I guess advertising works in strange ways. Not Jimmy's best scheme, but I still have faith in the guy.

Miranda: All he needed to do to make his phone ring was get his name out there. Mission accomplished! He gets a solid "genius" from me.

How upset do you think Chuck was to know he braved the elements only to see THAT story?

Narsimha: It was probably be a wake up call for him. Although I don't side with one man's sense of morality of the other, Chuck has his own set of beliefs and subsequent hopes for his little brother -- hopes that Jimmy always seems to be shattering. But on the other hand, Jimmy has his own dreams, goals, and ambitions, and who's to say which brother is more morally upstanding? And, to be fair, Chuck isn't all there himself. His condition has probably done a number on Jimmy. 

Ashley: Gosh, that scene was kind of tragic. I think he was pretty darn upset, but maybe more so because Jimmy lied to him? That remains to be seen.

Orrin: Jimmy knows his own brother better than we do, so if Jimmy thought there would be consequences to showing him the article, I believe it. I have a feeling that knowing the people who make this show there will be another twist in here. I'm betting it's on Chuck's character himself. You know what else? I already think this is one of the strongest brother relationships on TV so far, and that's only 4 episodes in. Two thumbs up there.

Miranda: First of all, that scene with Chuck in the street was incredibly well-filmed and edited to make viewers believe they were really witnessing the panic a person suffering from whatever sort of phobia Chuck has might feel. Secondly, we know he was a pretty badass attorney before he fell ill, so he's not going to let Jimmy get away with this. 

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Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Betsy: I'm sorry. You're just...
Jimmy: I'm what?
Betsy: You're the kind of lawyer guilty people hire.

You know? You assume that criminals are going to be smarter than they are. Kind of breaks my heart a little.