Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 14 Review: Cancer Friends with Benefits

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Everyone has the right to happiness, right?

Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 14 found many characters looking for happiness in their lives but, sadly, not all of them will be happy.

First up we have Natalie whom through no fault of her own and unbeknownst to her, has created a rift with her half-sister, April, by kissing her ex. Dominic was clearly happy to make out with Natalie, but his comment about her looking familiar seemed a little forced. Unless he's seen a picture of her, I don't see much of a resemblance to April.

First Date - Chasing Life

We don't quite know how this will affect April going forward, but it will be sure to create problems. She's probably regretting Natalie's decision to stay in Boston right about now. Although Natalie is a bit out there in terms of the way she acts, she is a nice girl deep down. This has been proven on several occasions. It'd be nice to watch Olivia's reaction to her daughter staying in Boston. It's very doubtful she would be happy about this. 

Dominic: Did I do something bad to you?
Natalie: Not yet.

One thing I must comment on is the predictability of the Dominic and Natalie pairing. Natalie isn't the type of girl who would quit him just because of April's relationship with him. Expect fireworks ahead.

Speaking of Dom, this week was the first time I've noticed a genuine spark between him and April. Sure, they were brought together again through work, but it appeared when they were working together that he likes April. It was way too awkward when their boss questioned if they are in a relationship. As much as I hate to say it, these two have unfinished business and Dom is sleeping his way through the ladies of Boston to conceal his pain.

So... George said goodbye to us. I doubt I was the the only one who kept expecting Sara to come clean to her daughters, but it looks like it wasn't meant to be. At least at this moment in time. I don't know whether George will be MIA because of his involvement with Helix, but it would be nice for Sara to date some more bachelors in Boston to make sure her relationship is the right thing for her at this stage of her life.

George: You deserve to be happy.
Sara: We both do.

Her relationship with George has caused a strain in her relationship with her mother, who is very against it.  Her views are understandable considering she saw first hand how the death of Thomas affected the girls. She won't be so quick to let Sara jump into another relationship.

Elsewhere, we finally got some good stuff from the burgeoning relationship between Leo and April. Yes, unless the ABC Family promo department pulled the rug from under us, we were promised developments between these two fine characters. The two have so much chemistry on screen. No one can deny that. 

It was nice to see Leo back to his old self. I liked the characterization for him last week, as he was obviously going through a tough time, but it was excellent to see him have fun like any other twenty something with his girlfriend. One major positive for his character is that he doesn't appear to be the jealous type.

April: I have to tell you something.
Leo: Pete is going to join us for the bubble bath?
April: I wish.

This was highlighted perfectly when April commented that she worked with Dominic and started to flake. Hopefully this makes April more comfortable when she must inevitably work with him again as she must have felt like she was walking on egg shells and doing something behind Leo's back, when in fact, she was working. 

"Cancer Friends with Benefits" was another decent episode of Chasing Life. Minus the glaring predictability about the pairing of Natalie and Dominic, there really wasn't anything else negative to say about the episode. It had the charm we've come to expect from the show on a weekly basis and has set up some interesting storylines.

Other bits from the episode:

  • Poor Brenna is still hung up on Greer. We need some resolution to this storyline.
  • The chef was full of confidence. He was hitting on Sara in her kitchen in front of her family.
  • What will happen between April and Beth? It looks like the two of them are in for some tough times.
  • Emma's one liners are the funniest thing about the show. She has such witty responses. 

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What did you think of the episode? How do you feel about Natalie sticking around? Will Beth and April's friendship be able to survive? Hit the comments below. 

Cancer Friends with Benefits Review

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Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

George: You deserve to be happy.
Sara: We both do.

April: I have to tell you something.
Leo: Pete is going to join us for the bubble bath?
April: I wish.