Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 15 Review: Headlong Toward Disaster

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It's always a bittersweet experience getting a new boss.

On Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 15, our good friends over at Firehouse 51 got a new boss and damn, he's a piece of work.

It was pretty evident from his first scene that he was going to be trouble. He looked smug about everything and thought it would be ok to bring Welch into the fold. Not cool.

After being pretty against Casey hooking up with Beth, I'm actually quite happy about it now, if only to piss Pat off. He sure needs a taste if his own medicine. His actions are making me wonder if he is trying to sabotage the firehouse intentionally. He did get his own shut down after all. Why anyone would let him look after 51 is shocking.

Did anyone else feel sorry for Otis? The poor guy was mocked at every turn by his new boss. This must have been a shock to the system. Boden is tough, but fair. He doesn't mock his employees. The former boss can't return quick enough.

One thing that annoyed me about the fire was that Otis should have known to check the door was staying open before continuing into the room. It surely would have been part of his training.

Under his command, 17 was one of the worst in the city, that's how they shut it down.


Elsewhere, Celia, the girl Brett saved on Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 14, made a surprise return. I don't think I'm the only one getting the vibe that something isn't right. Every scene she shared with Brett was very weird. She looked at Brett in a way that a friend wouldn't. Let's hope she isn't going to be a stalker.

I found it really stupid and unethical of Brett to get her the guitar. Obviously the girl has done something wrong and her mom had every right to be annoyed about Brett getting her one. It was nice, however, to get some back story on Brett. It'd be good to meet some of her family in the future.

You think I cant look after my daughter?


Casey got the shock of his life when he realized his new bit on the side is actually Pat's wife. Sure, they're divorcing, but there is no way Pat will be pleased with this. Casey has already had arguments with him, so it seems like a sure thing that they will argue again. I kept expecting Pat to show up when Severide and Casey had his cigars. Casey took his wife and his cigars. He wouldn't be happy.

So... Welch is officially working in Firehouse 51. No one is pleased about this and I can't blame them. He is nothing but a troublemaker. I kept trying to think of ways to redeem him during the hour, but he had to go and ruin it by informing Dawson that Casey has moved on.

You know you're in trouble when Kelly Severide thinks you're in trouble.


She wasn't best impressed. It was only a while before that she had him over to fix the water in her house. The two of them got on like a house on fire, so she was probably thinking about the two of them making up. When Brett told her to go on a date, it looked like something Dawson could never see herself doing with anyone else as she clearly still loves Casey but, going forward, she'll probably take steps to move on from him.

"Headlong Toward Disaster" was a decent episode. It moved the storyline along nicely, while showcasing some fine acting.

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • How many kids does Herrmann actually have? When Boden opened the door, it was like a small army invaded his living room.
  • I wonder what Scott McCall is doing over on Teen Wolf; both his parents have hot footed it to Chicago and left him in Beacon Hills.
  • The whole scene with the person stuck in the bowling lane was gruesome. Who gets themselves stuck in one?

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What did you think of the episode? Is Celia a stalker? Will Casey come clean to Pat? Hit the comments below.

Headlong Toward Disaster Review

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