Cristela Season 1 Episode 15 Review: Gifted and Talented

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Cristela is a hardworking, determined overachiever and it's a part of her undeniable charm. She strives to be the best and most of the time she is, except for that time back in elementary school when she failed the big test to get into the gifted and talented program.

When Izzie has the opportunity to join the prestigious program on Cristela Season 1 Episode 15, Cristela does all she can do to make sure Izzie gets in. But is she putting a little too much pressure on the youngster?

The Program - Cristela

Every school has a program for the students who are a bit more advanced than their peers and Cristela is definitely the kind of person I could see desperately wanting to be a part of that group. Unfortunately, she didn't get in and she hasn't forgotten it. 

Izzie, I didn't practice enough and I didn't get in. I mean, no pressure, but it ruined my life.


Izzie never seemed overly enthusiastic about the whole process, so I wasn't terribly surprised when everyone found out she didn't get in. However, it was surprising to hear she didn't get in to spare Henry's feelings. 

It was a very sweet gesture on Izzie's part and no one seemed too upset about it, except for Cristela. She made a strong case for why it was wrong for Izzie to not give it her all and I was happy to see her insist that Izzie not give up. 

Her dynamic with the soccer coach was cute and I liked that they worked together to come up with a plan that would allow Izzie to retake the test. And while Cristela was happy about this, Natalia was none to pleased. 

When Natalia admitted she'd ripped up Cristela's acceptance letter to the gifted and talented program oh so many years ago, I was initially shocked but then I realized that this falls perfectly in line with what we know about Natalia. 

As a single mother, she fought to give her children a better life. She knew that they would be seen as different because they didn't have the same luxuries as their peers, so she didn't want them to stand out anymore than they needed too. Being part of the "gifted" group would have made Cristela even more different and Natalia wanted to shield her from that ridicule. 

Cristela was upset, as she had every right to be, but a little chat with Josh got her to see her mother was just doing her best back then. 

Let's put it in perspective. I know you had a hard road to get here but I bet it wasn't as hard as your mom's.

Josh [to Cristela]

Love these cute little moments on this show! Natalia didn't fully apologize for her actions, but there's a better understanding between mother and daughter now that can only strengthen their relationship even more. 

The office plot had to do with Maddie getting a job in the mailroom and it couldn't have taken up more than four minutes of the show time total. Maddie was a terrible mailroom attendant, until Josh convinced her to use all the energy she puts into organizing her wardrobe, into organizing the mail. 

She still failed, but it was funny to watch!

What did you guys think about "Gifted and Talented"? Did Natalia do the right thing by ripping up Cristela's letter? When will Jostela become a thing? WHERE IN THE WORLD IS ALBERTO?

Leave me a comment and watch Cristela online right this minute so you're all caught up!

Gifted and Talented Review

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Cristela Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Maddie: Mail's here! Come and get it! This job is pretty easy.
Josh: Yup! Nothing's that hard if your just willing to do it terribly.

Love your kids. Be proud of your kids. You know what my mother did? She fed us. Almost everyday.