Days of Our Lives Recap: A Bit of a Let Down

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After the power house storylines we had on Days of Our Lives last week with Sonny learning the truth and Aiden confessing all to Hope, this week in Salem was a bit of a letdown. 

First off, we barely got a day of follow up with Hope and Aiden. Hope’s conversation with Marlena about children repressing memories was brilliant on several levels. Hope was able to ask questions concerning Chase without ever having to mention him and it was a great way to bring back some of Ciara’s own traumatic past. It also gave Hope and Aiden one more thing to bond over.

The biggest disappointment  was realizing that Aiden already knew about Zack’s death. I’ve been waiting for Hope to share the loss of her son with him. Those could have been powerfully dramatic scenes, especially in the hands of these two actors and I feel cheated knowing I’ll never see them. 

Moving on, the sleazy affair between Eve and JJ continued and managed to get even weirder. Now, not only does Eve have the hots for her daughter’s boyfriend (thankfully now ex-boyfriend) but she’s jealous of any other girl he might be seeing. Eve seems to want to make sure that JJ is just as miserable as she is. Ugh.

For once I actually found myself mimicking the words of Daniel Jonas as Jennifer was falling down the rabbit hole concerning JJ’s love life. Dear God just stop! Who calls their son’s possible girlfriend to grill them about their relationship? As much as I want the truth to come out about Eve and JJ, Jennifer just may fall off the deep end in her quest to get answers. I can only imagine what she’ll be like when she finally learns the truth.

Although I’m not a fan of Paige, I had to applaud when she realized what she’s been doing and muttered, “I’ve become my mother.” She’s not quite as bad as Eve but she’s catching up. 

Melanie asking Nicole for help was one of the cuter scenes of the week, mostly due to Nicole’s reaction in this Days of Our Lives quote

(to Melanie) You would never sell your father down the river to get what you want. That's like a Donovan sister thing or a Sami thing or a me thing back in the day.


Speaking of Sami, I thought of her twice this week. First when Chad was questioning how far Abby would go to save Ben and just how long she can stay away from the bad boys. It felt as though Abby and Chad were on the road to becoming the new Sami and EJ. Hot but dysfunctional in a masochistic sort of way. It won’t surprise me if Abby ends up back in Chad’s bed before long. Under what circumstances is the question. 

The second Sami reminder came from Will who continued to prove how much he’s like his mom. Will apparently has no idea why he cheated but he’s certainly good at making excuses for it. The sex didn’t mean anything and if he had only known who Paul was to Sonny then he wouldn’t have slept with him. He even managed to try and turn things around to make it seem as though it was Sonny’s fault. How could Sonny not tell him he was almost engaged before they met?

Will has a particular talent for making himself out to be the victim but I was thrilled that Sonny wasn’t letting him off the hook…

Will: You know what I did and I know that the guy I did it with is the same guy that you proposed to right before you met me.
Sonny: You didn't know that then. What you knew was you were my husband and the love of my life but you still flirted with Paul. You still went to his hotel room and you still had sex with him. So I don't know why we’re still having this conversation.

I don’t know how Sonny can ever trust Will again. Will can’t come up with a decent explanation for his cheating because there isn’t one. And without understanding why it happened he can’t promise that it won’t happen again. Too bad the only psychiatrist in town is his grandmother because Will really needs some help figuring this out. If it weren’t for little Ari, this relationship would already be over. 

Now it’s your turn TV Fanatics, who had your favorite line in Salem?

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