Days of Our Lives Recap: Sonny Learns the Truth!

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It was a drama filled week in Salem as Sonny not only remembered that his husband cheated on him but he also learned it was with his first love, Paul! Aiden finally shared the tragic truth with Hope, and Justin returned from Dubai.

Sonny Kiriakis had a hell of a week. First he was stabbed, then he remembered that his husband cheated on him, and then Paul shared that he was the person who slept with Will. 

When Sonny finally confronted Will, he immediately lied as though Sonny had gotten it wrong. Will lied so easily that I couldn’t help but be reminded that he is Sami’s son. Then he quickly rattled off a list of excuses. They were fighting and Sonny had just lost all of their money. In other words, they hit a rough patch and Will dealt with it by sleeping with someone else.

But Will actually made things worse when he made it sound as though he slept with Paul just to get his article done or as Sonny so succinctly put it in this Days of Our Lives quote

You whored yourself out for stupid magazine article!


Across the hall, Paul was sharing all the gory details with Marlena who couldn’t get him out the door fast enough when she learned her grandson had cheated on his husband. 

Other than Sonny, who was wounded and then blindsided by his lying, cheating, selfish spouse, I felt sorry for Paul who really didn’t do anything wrong. Not only didn’t he know Will was Sonny’s husband, he didn’t even know Will was married. Will managed to hurt two good men with one adulterous act. 

As much as I was thrilled to see Sonny confront Will, my favorite scenes of the week took place at Aiden’s beach house when Hope figured out the truth. I’d suspected for weeks that Aiden’s big secret had something to do with his son.  I was grateful that Aiden didn’t tell Hope right away. It was fun watching her put her detective skills to use as she put the pieces together.

Aidan was a mixture of terrified and devastated as he told Hope how Meredith tried to take her gun away from a then four-year-old Chase only to be shot and killed with the weapon. Protecting Chase was one of the few explanations that made all of Aiden’s secrets make sense. Kristian Alfonso and Daniel Cosgrove proved just how talented they are in those scenes and I was glued to the screen for every moment. 

Of course some day Chase will undoubtedly remember what happened and I look forward to watching Hope and Aiden deal with it all when that happens. 

Elsewhere Justin returned from Dubai to see Sonny and apparently give Adrienne a hard time. So is he really having an affair or is his “work wife” just his work wife. One of the best parts of this story so far has been Lucas’ reaction. He doesn’t take any of Justin’s crap. 

Victor called a truce with Clyde and I’m with Rafe on this one. I think Victor is lulling Clyde into a false sense of security before he decides to take him out. 

Melanie decided she needed Nicole’s help in finding Dr. Mandrake…

(to Nicole) You're very sneaky and very underhanded and you're always trying to find a way to dig up dirt on people and that is why I need your help.


Jennifer got pushy with Paige as she swore, “I am not trying to bad mouth your mom.” No, but she’s certainly happy to hear Paige do so. When Jennifer stormed off to Eve’s and told her, “I finally found out the disgusting thing you did to my son!” all I could think was that at this point there’s probably a long list of filthy things Eve has done with JJ but I don’t think that Jennifer really wants to hear them all. 

Lastly, Eric and Serena slept together. Does anyone really care? I didn’t think so.

It’s your turn TV Fanatics. Who had your favorite line on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

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