Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is Aiden a Sociopath?

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Victor was in for a shock when he found out that Clyde was alive, well and threatening his family, including little Ciara! Sonny woke up in his hospital bed but didn’t recall his husband had cheated on him and Aiden’s late wife accused him of murder from the grave.

Our TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by Kathy and Leila from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate whether Sonny should remember, whether Aiden is a sociopath and if Kristen or Theresa would make the worse mother.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Is it better that Sonny doesn’t remember that Will cheated on him?

Kathy:  It will be better for Will if Sonny doesn't remember but I think the truth should come out. Sonny can then decide if he wants to stay with Will or move on.

Leila:  I am kind of on the fence with that one. I think it would have been interesting for Sonny to expose Will in front of everyone, but I guess the show wants to drag it out a little longer. I am alright with that but the fall out better be spectacular.

Christine:  Oh, I want Sonny to find out and the sooner the better. Will showed no remorse for cheating on Sonny until he felt like he could get caught. The only person it’s better for is Will.   

Do you want Paul to leave Salem or stick around?

Kathy:  I want Paul to stay in Salem. He is a character with many layers and I want to see more of his story. I think the actor who plays Paul is doing a great job.

Leila:  I, without a doubt, want Paul to stick around. He is my favorite new character to come to Days in a really long time, I think Christopher Shawn is an outstanding actor. I actually think has he smoking hot chemistry with both Freddie Smith and Guy Wilson. 

Christine:  I agree Leila. The first few week’s that Paul was on screen I wondered what was the point of his character but once his history with Sonny was revealed and his relationship with Will began, I’m really enjoying having him around. 

Is Aidan a sociopath or did his wife set him up?

Kathy:  I think Aiden is hiding something but I don't think he is a sociopath. If Meredith was so certain that Aiden was trying to kill her, why didn't she go to the police?

Leila:  This is another topic that I am on the fence about. Usually on soaps when there’s an abundance of evidenced to make someone look guilty, there is always a last minute twist so I am thinking that will probably be the case with this storyline. The only way I can see the show making him a sociopath is if Peter Reckell comes back to the show, and Bo comes back to be Hope's hero.

Christine:  I agree that Aiden is hiding something but I don’t think it’s nearly that dark. I think Meredith was either delusional or she set up him for her suicide. Obviously, the woman had serious issues. If she was that terrified and sane she would have left Aiden, taken their son and gone to the police. 

So what did Melanie look up on the internet?

Kathy:  Melanie was searching for information on Dr. Mandrake. From her expression it looks like she found something.

Leila:  Not really sure, maybe she is trying look up information on that Clint guy Jeanie (Theresa) is sleeping with. In all honesty Melanie has bored me this time around, and I usually don't pay that much attention to the scenes she is in.

Christine:  I wonder if she was trying to find out more information that Brady and Kristen could have adopted. That seems like something Melanie would do. 

Who would make the worse mother, Kristen or Theresa?

Kathy:  Tough choice. Kristen really wants a child so she may try harder but she has all the Dimera baggage. Teresa would have a good support system - Caroline, Shane and Kimberly. If she would let them help, she may learn to be a good mother.

Leila:  I know most would probably say Jeanie (Theresa), however I think she might surprise some people. I think a child might actually bring out a softer side to her. Ultimately I think they both have qualities that could make them both good and bad mothers.

Christine:  Kristin really wants a child but she’s a bit of a nutcase. Although I have little doubt that she would do anything necessary for the good of her child. Teresa is lost. She has no focus and a questionable moral compass. Best case scenario, a child could help her find a reason to straighten out. Honestly, either one of the them could be a great mother or a terrible mother. You just don’t know until you’re doing it. 

Did anything disappoint you in Salem last week?

Kathy:  I was disappointed that Nicole felt it necessary to apologize to everyone multiple times.

Leila:  Nicole is probably the character that disappoints me the most. She is seriously her own worst enemy. It is literally painful to watch some of her scenes.

Christine:  Clyde not only isn’t a popsicle but he’s now threatening little girls. I sincerely hope that Victor takes him out permanently. 

What was your favorite scene or story line on last week's Days of Our Lives?

Kathy:   Victor's shock at seeing Clyde is still alive, Clyde taunting Victor about the attack on Sonny, and threatening Victor's family was a great scene. I can't wait to see Victor's response. 

Leila:  The storyline I am enjoying the most is Sonny/Paul/Will I think it has the potential to be great love triangle. I am usually not a big fan of love triangles, but this has me intrigued. I am also enjoying the budding whatever you want to call it with Lucas and Adrienne.

Christine: I’m enjoying the Alfred Hitchcock vibe they have going on with Hope and Aiden. As much as I don’t believe that Aiden is a murderer, I find the cat and mouse a lot of fun to watch.

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