Days of Our Lives Round Table: Which Couple Do You Hate the Most

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Aidan revealed all to Hope, Sonny learned the truth about his cheating spouse, Melanie looked to Nicole for help and Victor gave Clyde a free pass last week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by WendyLou and Andyroo from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to discuss Aiden’s big secret, Will’s response to Sonny and which is there least favorite couple in Salem. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Were you surprised by Aiden’s revelation that Chase killed Meredith?

Nick: It wasn't really surprising because all along Aiden's been characterized as a very good guy, and it goes back to the first day Aiden and Hope ran into each other: They were both protecting their children. Hope's commitment to help protect the secret hit me the most out of everything, however, since it shows just how invested she is in their relationship.

WendyLou:  Not really. I had kind of guessed Chase killed Meredith. At least I was hoping it would turn out this way. I like Aiden and I like Hope and Aiden. Aiden covering for Chase is about the only way this could have played out so that Aiden would come out of it and not be a bad guy. He was lying to Hope but lying to protect his child made him out to be a little heroic. Thank goodness too because if Days had ruined the best couple they have right now I may have given up on the show.

Andyroo:  The Chase reveal definitely wasn't what I was expecting. I don't know that I buy it though. Meredith's video still doesn't make sense to me. I was kind of hoping for more of a "Gone Girl" situation.

Christine:  I’d suspected for weeks that this was the case and yet the scenes where Aiden shared the truth with Hope were still so riveting. I couldn’t take my eyes from the screen. 

What did you think of Will’s responses to Sonny when the truth came out?

Nick: Selfish. Will started running down his list of reasons for why, and while analyzing your feelings and getting to the root cause of why someone cheats on their spouse is necessary, Will chose the wrong place to do so. What made things worse was his desire to deny, deny, deny.

WendyLou:  Unbelievable. I knew Will was a self-absorbed weasel but I was still amazed at how he went from trying to blame Sonny for HIS cheating and then when that didn't work, tried to make himself out to be some kind of hero for what he did. I'm continually amazed by what a douche he is.

Andyroo: There was nothing Will could say to justify his affair with Paul, so watching him first lie and then scramble for excuses was nauseating. I feel so bad for Sonny in all of this, and Paul too. Can they just get together and send Will back to California?

Christine:  Will really reminded me that he’s Sami’s son. First he tried to lie to Sonny and then he found every excuse and rationalization imaginable for his horribly selfish behavior. I truly hope Sonny dumps him and moves on. 

Melanie wants Nicole’s help. Do you think this is a disaster in the making or will they turn out to be a dynamic duo?

Nick: I wish this show would stop sticking Nicole with the god forsaken Jonas family.

WendyLou:  I hope it turns out to be a dynamic duo because Teresa isn’t getting anywhere on her own. I do hope though, that Days lets this story be about Teresa and Brady rather than Melanie.

Andyroo:  I like these two together, they're both spunky and fun. Plus it's nice to see two women working together on this show. Hopefully they don't just end up hating each other.

Christine:  I’d like to see Melanie and Nicole bond a bit. They’re both sneaky and generally have good hearts and Nicole could really use a girlfriend.

Is Victor really giving in to Clyde or do you think he has another plan?

Nick: I'm hoping Victor has another plan by playing nice with Clyde first to give him a false sense of security.

WendyLou: I hope he is lulling him into a false sense of security before striking back. I can't handle sleazy Clyde getting the best of another of my favorite Days villains.

Andyroo:  There's no way Victor will let Sonny's attack go unpunished. He will get his revenge. He should put out a hit on Jordan to be honest.

Christine:  Wow, Andyroo! A way to take out both Clyde and Jordan? I'd be thrilled. Victor just has to have a plan of some sort, doesn’t he? Clyde murdered EJ and got away with it. I couldn’t stand it if he was able to bully Victor Kiriakis too. 

Who is currently your least favorite couple in Salem?

Nick: Brady and Melanie.

WendyLou:  Well, Eric and Serena are certainly the most boring but I think I have to give it to JJ and Eve. The actors are doing a great job but the story is so sleazy. I feel like my brain needs a shower after I watch these two wallowing around in their filthy depressing affair.

Andyroo:  Well I'm ready for Sonny to ditch Will now. Not here for Brady and Melanie as more than friends. Eric/Serena, Jordan/Chad, and Abigail/Ben are all pretty boring couples. Come to think of it, there aren't really any couples I greatly enjoy right now...

Christine:  Eric and Serena, hands down. It’s ridiculously boring. The actors have no chemistry and worst of all I’ve grown to despise them both. Eric’s turned out to be a mean-spirited, self pitying jerk and Serena’s a liar and a thief. Every time they’re on the screen I want to change the channel. 

Was there anything that disappointed you this week?

Nick: Serena and Eric - talk about lacking chemistry and story.

WendyLou:  The fact that Serena and Eric are still together and around. There are some good things playing out right now and that sorry storyline sticks out like a sore thumb.

Andyroo:  The story at the cabin was getting exciting up until the Chase reveal. Then it fizzled out for me. I also think the manufactured, mostly off-screen drama between Justin and Adrienne is lazy and unnecessary.

Christine:  That it took almost a full week of stalling tactics before Sonny finally confronted Will. 

What was your favorite scene or story line on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Nick: I really loved Paul's storyline this week. Talk about being caught in the middle with no information. He's just trying to be honest with himself and those around him, and because of Will's poor choices he's right in the eye of the storm. Things are calm now, but they aren't going to get better for him anytime soon. Welcome to Salem, Paul!

WendyLou:  Oh, definitely Will getting blasted by Sonny for being the lying, cheating louse that he is AND finding out that Paul and Sonny were once in love. I hope he ends up alone in this triangle. That would be wonderful. I really can't stand him.

Andyroo:  I've been waiting for Sonny to confront Will, and they sure did drag it out all week. But I'm glad to see it finally happen. I also cracked up at the face Marlena made when Paul admitted that he slept with Will. Priceless.

Christine:  Since I already mentioned Aiden in Hope in the first question, I’m also going to go with Paul. Will really screwed him over (literally and figuratively). The poor guy had no idea that Will was even married never mind to whom he was married. Paul’s hurt and confusion were really well played. 

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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