Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Attacked Sonny Kiriakis?

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As if finding out that his spouse had cheated on him wasn't bad enough, Sonny was stabbed in the park on his way to confront him.

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando is joined by Dukeblue and Mikey from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate who attacked Sonny, Melanie and Brady's first time and who they think is the dumbest character in all of Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Who do you think attacked Sonny?

Nick: Clyde, if he's not dead, or one of Clyde's goons. It's the only thing that makes any sense, otherwise Sonny is the victim of a random stabbing.

Dukeblue: I don't believe that Damon finished the job, therefore my first guess would be Clyde. I believe that Clyde is alive and well, and out to personally settle the score with Victor.

Mikey:  It has to be Clyde or someone working for him. Clyde is still missing, but there's no snow to be found anywhere in Salem. If he were still lying in that park, someone would've tripped over him by now!

Christine:  I think it must be Clyde and that’s why he targeted Sonny. It was his personal revenge against Victor. I only wonder if Maggie, Brady, or Daniel might be next. 

Will Sonny remember that he believed Will slept with Paul when he wakes up? Do you want him to?

Nick: I was just wondering about this as I thought of this week's shows. It'd be typical soap fare, but it does give Will a chance to redeem himself in Sonny's eyes before watching everything come crashing down if and when Sonny remembers. I'm all for this storyline.

Dukeblue:  While I would love for Sonny to recall everything that took place before the attack, I am not expecting it to happen right away and that is fine. I think it will be just as enjoyable to see Will wallow in his guilt a little longer.

Mikey:  Part of me hopes that he remembers and then keeps it to himself and manipulates Will and Paul, just because it would be amusing, and Will has been such a dope that he has it coming! But this does seem like a setup for temporary amnesia.

Christine:  Oh, how I want to see Sonny tear into Will but I doubt that’s going to happen any time soon. I don’t know whether Sonny won’t remember or will simply choose to stay quiet for some reason but I don’t think I’m going to get to enjoy that confrontation for quite some time. 

Any idea on what Aiden was trying to hide at the beach house?

Nick:  Looks like a shovel and axe. Now, I'm sure Aiden having these tools is a big misunderstanding. He probably needs them for his beautiful, beach....cabin and not to a hide a body of some kind.

Dukeblue:  I believe that Aiden is desperate to hide or destroy something that will make him "appear" guilty of murder. My guess is that Meredith fabricated evidence to ensure that Aiden would take the fall for her death.

Mikey:  Just like the rest of this story, it will probably turn out that there's a tree where he and Meredith carved their initials, and he wants to chop it down to do away with the memories before Hope sees it or something. 

Christine:  I’m really lost. I was thinking that maybe his son was involved in his mother’s death and that’s why Aiden was so desperate to hide things but now I really have no clue for what reason he’d need a shovel and an axe? 

Which was more romantic, Melanie and Brady’s first time, Lucas and Adrienne’s almost kiss or Maggie being there for Victor.

Nick:  Maggie and Victor, by a long shot.

Dukeblue:  Maggie's support for Victor wins in the romance department! I find absolutely nothing appealing about Brady and Melanie and although I am enjoying the friendship that is developing between Lucas and Adrienne, there is still the matter of Justin and the fact that Adrienne is a married woman.

Mikey:  I guess I'll have to default to Maggie and Victor. Melanie and Brady's first time was a) a miracle because they didn't have sex in any of their parents'/grandparents' living rooms and b) hilarious because of that corny song playing over it. I loved the almost-kiss between Lucas and Adrienne, but it's hard to see it as romantic when Lucas was knowingly making a move on a vulnerable married woman.

Christine:  Brady and Melanie were cuter than I expected and I like Lucas and Adrienne because they’re friends in a complicated situation but as for romance, that all went to Maggie and Victor. They may just be my favorite couple in Salem.

In your opinion, who is currently the dumbest person in Salem?

Nick: Daniel Freaking Jonas, for a doctor he's just about the dumbest guy around. Eric takes a close second though.

Dukeblue:  Eric is not picking up on Serena's odd behavior as quickly as I'd like, but I will give him a pass for now. My vote for "acting" dumb goes to Melanie and Brady. It appears as if they have both lost all sense when it comes to communicating in a mature fashion.

Mikey:  How long do you have? Eve is an idiot for the way she's handling the JJ situation, Nicole is an idiot for caring what any of these people think of her… but the current worst to me, in an odd way, is Kate. It's difficult for me to believe that the savvy, world-weary Kate we know wouldn't have suspected that something skeevy went down between Clyde and Jordan. Given her history, there should be alarm bells flashing.

Christine:  Definitely Eric. He hates Nicole so much that he can’t see anything else and a character I once liked has been totally ruined by mean spiritedness and stupidity. For me, Daniel takes second place.

Did anything disappoint you this week in Salem?

Nick: The push to get Melanie and Brady together. It's terrible, and I loathe it so much.

Dukeblue:  I found Nicole's need to tie her self-worth to a man and her constant groveling for Daniel's forgiveness to be the biggest letdown this week. It is time for Nicole to explore therapy and move beyond those that don't appreciate her.

Mikey:  Honestly, this was one of the most satisfying weeks in a long while, mostly because stuff actually happened! I was disappointed that we had to waste time on more Daniel/Nicole fallout after all the great Sonny-centered drama. 

Christine:  Well Dukeblue, how can Nicole seek therapy when the only therapist in town hates her? But for me, Sonny not getting to confront Will with Paul caught in the middle. That would have been an amazing scene.

What was your favorite scene or story line on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Nick: Sonny getting stabbed is bringing some much needed drama to his storyline, and I'm hoping Paul walks in rather than getting interrupted. 

Dukeblue: My favorite scenes this week were those involving Paul's coming out to his mother and grandfather, very powerful and brilliantly portrayed by Christopher Sean.

Mikey:  I loved Derrick spilling the beans to Sonny, because it actually had me on the edge of my seat. I was convinced there was going to be a fake-out of some kind. And then Sonny getting attacked was such a great, unexpected twist! Honorable mention goes to Melanie actually remembering her friendship with Sonny (and Dario!) and how they hung out at the Town Square opening. I love callbacks like that. 

Christine:  I liked how everyone came together at the hospital. Victor and Maggie. Adrienne and Lucas. Marlena and Will.  Abby, Ben, Chad, Brady and Melanie. They all had there moments and I really enjoyed all of their interactions.  

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