Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 8 Review: Let the Wedding Bells Ring

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It was time for a wedding on Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 8.This installment was longer than usual, but every second of it was worth it and packed with new developments and just plain good scenes. 

We all knew that any wedding between Rose and Atticus was going to be dramatic and we were not disappointed. The sabotage and catty comments were plenty, and I couldn’t help but think we were watching Gossip Girl. The way Lady Flintshire dropped the divorce bomb reminded me of Blair revealing Serena’s secret to Dan at "The Wild Brunch" in Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 2.

A Shocking Proposition - Downton Abbey

But really, Rose’s mother went appallingly far to sabotage her own daughter’s happiness. As much as I hated her for trying to lead Atticus to infidelity and for trying to stop the wedding seconds before, I still understood on a small level why she has fallen so far from grace.

Her and Shrimpy have lost everything that is important to being an aristocrat. The old ways are going away, they have lost their money and they are getting a divorce. Now their daughter is marrying a Jew. While on the surface they could pretend to be fine with that, everyone in the inner social circles knows it signifies change that they don’t like. They are afraid.

Rose: Mommy. Daddy. This is Atticus.
Atticus: How do you do?
Lady Flintshirer: What a peculiar name.

It was noble that Shrimpy didn’t tell Rose that her own mother was responsible for framing Atticus.

I was suspicious of how fast Rose and Atticus’s relationship was moving (and I still am), but they are certainly in it for a longer haul now that they are married. I hope they didn’t move to fast!

At least they have the adorable Mrs. Sinderby to support them. 

He can have his..what do you call it now. His stag party?

Mrs. Sinderby

The relationships I am hoping will move fast is that between Isobel and Lord Merton and Violet and Prince Kuragin. I hope Isobel takes Violet’s words to heart and gives Lord Merton another chance, which I think she will.

However, Violet is much more of a wild card. It would go against everything she is comfortable with to be with Prince Kuragin, but lately she is seeming a lot more nostalgic. I worry what it would mean for Violet’s place on the show if her and Prince Kuragin got together. Would it be a convenient time for her to exit the show ? I never want to let her go, so I hope not!

Congratulations are in order to Robert for figuring out a secret first! I think now it is only a matter of time before the secret is out completely.

I was almost angry at Robert when he used his position to coerce Mrs. Patmore into attending the commemoration of the war memorial until he revealed that he found a way to honor Archie.

Robert and Cora are also in an excellent place right now. Maybe Isis’ death is having some influence?

My favorite scene was  with Mary, Tom, Rose and Edith. It was interesting to see how they interact with each other when the parents aren't around. 

I tell you what why don't we all go to lunch on Wednesday, even you Edith


My Other Favorite Bits: 

  • Cora’s face when Shrimpy said he wasn’t sure how long British India will last.
  • Mr. Carson very worked up over Mrs. Danker being drunk.
  • Thomas on the defense against Mrs. Danker.

My second favorite scene was Mrs. Patmore crying about Daisy leaving. Mrs. Patmore has been one of my favorite characters ever since she was afraid to get her eyes checked out by a doctor. There is something so endearing about her emotions. She's so natural.

A final comment is that I was wondering when we would see Mary and Mr. Carson interact again. They have a deep connection that we don't see much of for two people living in the same house. 

What did you think of this episode? When do you think everyone will find out about Edith and Marigold? Do you also wish that the murder storyline with Anna and Bates would go away? 

If you missed this installment, remember you can watch Downton Abbey online via TV Fanatic! 

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Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Rose: Mommy. Daddy. This is Atticus.
Atticus: How do you do?
Lady Flintshirer: What a peculiar name.

He can have his..what do you call it now. His stag party?

Mrs. Sinderby