Empire Season 1 Episode 8 Review: The Lyon's Roar

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Man, Lucious is a really hard character to like, isn't he?

Terrence Howard is a gifted actor and he plays Lucious as a very cold, calculating man, but he hits the emotional beats so well that you can go from hating him to liking him in an instance. Well, Empire Season 1 Episode 8 was not Lucious's finest hour. He was juggling two women, rather poorly I might add, and cutting down two of his sons. 

It was another powerful hour of television's hottest show and it's really starting to hit me that there are only three episodes left. I'm not ready for this ride to be over!

Things picked right back up with Lucious and Cookie in the bedroom. They have such a fun, flirty chemistry that it's hard not to like them together, even though we all know Cookie can do better. 

Cookie: You want Cookie's nookie, ditch the bitch.
Lucious: I'll do it. I'll ditch her.
Cookie: Promise me?
Lucious: I promise I'll get rid of her.

I wanted to believe that Lucious was serious about wanting to be with Cookie, but I also knew that Anika wasn't going down without a fight. 

After her actions in Empire Season 1 Episode 7, I'm officially anti-Anika. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, but her pettiness and insecurities have officially made her into someone I just can't support. Why does she even want to marry Lucious at this point? I guess the obvious reason is the money and power, but have some self respect! 

Watching Lucious play the two women was barf worthy, but at least Cookie had the good sense to not fight for him. Once it was clear Lucious wasn't going to be the man she needed, she was done and I was glad for her. Jamal pretty much nailed it on the head when he spoke about Lucious being incapable of loving anyone else. 

Speaking of Jamal, he had quite the night. He made a new friend in photographer Ryan, who was openly gay and pushed him to be true to himself. He also bonded with Lola, in one of the more adorable scenes I've seen in awhile. 

I had no idea Jamal was going to out himself at the white party. Did you? It was a very clever way of doing it and I absolutely loved his verse. 

This scene was also special, as everyone in the family (minus Lucious) gave Jamal their own subtle sign of support. Call me a sucker but I teared up as Vernon pounded his chest, Andre raised a glass, Hakeem gave a salute and Cookie screamed in jubilation. It was just such a nice moment I'm glad they all got to share together. 

Another great moment? And let's be honest, there were MANY, was the brotherly Jamal and Hakeem moment. Every week I talk about how much I love these two, but seriously, I love these two. 

Jamal: You don't think it was a mistake?
Hakeem: Not all all. It was the bravest thing I've seen in my life.

Might have shed another tear. 

Now, I don't even know where to start with Andre. It's clear we are headed down a dark path here and it's feeling like things are going to get worse before they get better. 

It was painfully obvious the interim CEO vote was never going to go his way, but I didn't think Lucious would be the one to veto it. When they were finally able to talk, it wasn't the conversation I was expecting. 

Lucious: And you, I voted against you because I can't trust you.
Andre: Why don't you trust me, Dad?
Lucious: The moment you brought that white woman into my house, I knew then I couldn't trust you. I knew then that you didn't want to be a part of my family.

At the end of the day, Andre isn't like Jamal and Hakeem and that should be okay with Lucious, but it's not. And as hard as Andre has worked in his life, he's still looked down upon by the one person he loves most and that just breaks my heart.

When he pulled that gun out, I gasped so loudly I'm sure my neighbors could hear. I also started saying NO out loud. I truly hope the family is able to rally around Andre before things are too far gone.

The Lyon family may have a lot of issues, but they also have a lot of love. They need to remember that.

Random Notes:

  •  Hakeem and Camilla came out as a couple and Cookie and Camilla came face-to-face. Cookie immediately called that relationship out for what it was and it was great to see. These two will definitely be butting heads in the future and it will be amazing to watch. 
  • Cookie and Hakeem put aside some of their differences and were able to actually communicate. It was nice to see Hakeem open up about why he keeps his distance from Cookie. I've been very hard on Hakeem but he's come a long way and I'm enjoying him a lot more than I thought. 
  • Anika went to see Baretti. This can't be good. 
  • What in the hell kind of white party was that? Fairly confident I will never go to a white party in my life, but I like to imagine if I ever did, there wouldn't be trombones. 
  • Vernon had quite a few lines AND that fist pump to the chest. It was a good week for him. 
  • Song of the week? There was only one song at it was "You're So Beautiful". It was nice the way we heard everyone sing it in a different way throughout the episode. Loved Jamal's performance the best though. 
  • Most likely to take over the Empire? No one? Lucious is holding onto that throne for dear life and no one has the edge right now. 

Okay guys, what did you think of "The Lyon's Roar"? Are you liking how they are portraying Andre's bipolar disorder? Are you glad Jamal came out? Why did Anika go to see Baretti? Better Anika diss: fake ass Halle Berry or fake ass Lena Horne?

We are coming down the home stretch, so get yourself caught up and watch Empire online right now! 

NOTE: Empire Season 1 Episode 9 is titled "Unto The Breach" and will air March 4th. 

The Lyon's Roar Review

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Empire Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Cookie: You want Cookie's nookie, ditch the bitch.
Lucious: I'll do it. I'll ditch her.
Cookie: Promise me?
Lucious: I promise I'll get rid of her.

You still got it, old head.

Cookie [to Lucious]