Episodes Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Unexpected Romance

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Episodes Season 4 Episode 4 showcased an uncharacteristically happy Carol, one that was full of giggles amidst diving into a new relationship with the naivety of a schoolgirl.

Could it actually be her new boss, Helen, that's keeping her so satisfied? In the past, her relationships with her superiors have caused her nothing but pain (made her feel like a "sock" – gross).

But Helen seems like she comes from a different breed of bosses. 

Carol's New Romance - Episodes

The hike itself was a great representation of a future struggle that might come into play. With how close Beverly and Carol have gotten, and considering how new Carol is to the territory in general, I could definitely see there being some jealous down the road – even from the usually coolheaded Helen. 

As of now, Carol is choosing Helen over her consistently strengthening bond with Beverly, but who she'll side with should conflict arise remains to be seen.

I don't want to hike, I want to stay with you.


The initial awkwardness between Helen and Carol was a joy to witness, and only added to the sexual tension that was in the air (even after Carol just woke up in her boss's bed with two, distinctly sized, bras next to her). The fact that she was in one of her boss' homes, and not being kept a secret in the office with shutters drawn, was in itself a sign of success for Carol. She just didn't know how to express it at first. 

When they were in the kitchen, their novel shyness almost had them drifting apart like the very islands Carol pointed out at the beginning of her grand entrance. 

Carol: Wow, two islands!
Helen: Yeah! I like to think that originally they were one big island, but then over time they drifted apart.

If Helen remains as awesome as she seems, then it's safe to say that Carol's moving up in this world.

The same can't really be said for Matt.

Although he's trying to get back together with his ex-wife, it's hard to ever root for him when his actions are often underlined by scummy intentions such as saving money on alimony, or, you know, saving his vineyard

I don't think you're ever really supposed to root for him – he's a weirdly loveable anti-hero of sorts. Or, at least, it's increasingly difficult to root for him when he uses his children as leverage to save money. 

The fact that he got so upset over Diana's slight transgression at the end of the episode only adds to the problem. But, hey, at least Beverly tried to point out the irony (as well as the hypocrisy). 

I would go as far as to say it’s never worth pointing out the irony, to anyone, ever, in life.


Sean and Tim are going to have a lot to duke out down the line if the latter gets what he wants. And, according to Legal, Sean and Beverly clearly have some legal issues, so I'd tell them to strap in for the ride...someone who's felt wronged like Tim has won't be out to make it easy for the couple. 

Dealing with Tim will probably suck as much for Sean, considering they were ex-partners, as it will for Beverly – considering that she always seems like she's a click away from buying a one-way ticket back to the UK.

I say lets go pack!


With so many storylines unfolding, it's safe to say that you should stay up to date and watch Episodes online. Unlike previous seasons, Episodes Season 4 has a whole lot going on in terms of plot. Carol's new introduction to pleasure, both physically and emotionally, without the need for "dicks" (both physically and emotionally), is a joy to watch; as is Sean and Beverly's confusion over the development. 

Visit Episodes quotes to some of my other favorite moments of the episode, and leave your thoughts down below. What do you think of Carol's most recent evolution? Is it empowering? Or is she making a mistake? I personally love seeing her finally be treated right.

Episode Four Review

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Episodes Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Then it would be called "Einstein and Schmeinstein’s Theory of Relativity," to the delight of school children everywhere.


Sean: Sure it has two families played by the same cast -
Beverly: You mean the premise?
Sean: Fine, the premise! But it was my idea! All Tim did was type it.