Family Guy Season 13 Episode 10 Review: Quagmire's Mom

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The wool was kind of pulled over my eyes for a bit on Family Guy Season 13 Episode 10. I actually believed Quagmire might learn a lesson for the first time, well, ever

But of course, that's too much to ask of a show that reveals in its ironic complacency. 

There were numerous enjoyable skits and notable jokes throughout the half-hour. The "Baba O'Riley" karaoke bit was a classic, elongated, Family Guy gag – and, although it didn't really pay-off in the end, it was pretty great. There were other small moments, or one-liners – such as Meg's excitement at a guy going upstairs to a private room with her – that were peppered in throughout the courtroom scandal.

Admittedly, the most humorous segments were actually the ones related to the topic at hand –Quagmire's reckoning. 

Random Party-Goer: You want to go upstairs?
Meg: Sure!
Random Party-Goer: Good. Go.

Before Quagmire's mom, voiced by The West Wing's Allison Janney, went back on her newfound religion in order to save her son, Quagmire really did seem to be in some hot waters. He was even going around informing the neighborhood that he was a pedophile! Which, for all intents and purposes, he pretty much is. 

The episode played on the fact that the man really did deserve what seemed to be coming to him. Even if you've only been half paying attention, with the episodes on in the background as you scroll through tumblr, you know what kind of deviant Quagmire is. 

And it makes sense that his mom's the root of all things of a sexual nature. 

My misguided carnal instincts are the results of being raised by a sexual deviant.

As Quagmire's 20 years in the slammer was fast approaching, the rest of the gang didn't do much to support him. This wasn't Ed Norton in 25th Hour, and there were no final wishes granted. Instead, Joe accidently killed his cat, Peter threw his gold watch into a forest thinking it would boomerang back, and Cleveland all but suggested he deserved what he was getting. 

As Stewie and Peter put it, the jokes seemed to come easily on the topic of Quagmire and his mother. 

Don't think of it as 20 years -- think of it as two 10 year olds, you sick freak.


But hey, in the end, it's almost fitting that basically everyone turned on Quagmire as his time approached – this left room for his mom to sweep in, and make amends with her son in their own, perverted, and depraved manner. 

I don't know if Mamma Quagmire knows about her ex-husband's recent life changes (and I'm glad Stewie remembered to mention that), but, as for now, and as far as families are concerned, her and her son are a match made in a brothel in heaven. 

Watch Family Guy online to catch any moments you may have missed during tonight's entertaining episode, and head over to Family Guy quotes in order to recap other definite highlights. 

Quagmire's Mom Review

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