Forever Round Table: A Family Bond

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Forever Season 1 Episode 15 found the team investigating the murder of a king, who came from a little known country. We also got the shock of the season when we found out that Abe and Henry are actually related.

TV Fanatics Kathleen Wiedel, Miranda Wicker, Paul Dailly and TV Fanatic Super Fan Amy Perrin debate what happened in the thrilling episode.

Forever Round Table 1-27-15

Henry and Abe are related. React.

Amy: I think it's very cool that the writers did this. I loved that they were remarking on how they share the same cheekbones.

Kathleen: Hey, we're all related if you look back far enough. On the other hand, their particular relationship is rather unusual, and discovering that connection is especially meaningful.

Miranda: I can't lie. That made my eyes well up a bit, even if it's far-fetched and very unnecessary. It was still sweet.

Paul: This was a thrilling development. It kind of made sense, considering how alike they are. It has pained Abe for so long not knowing who his family is, so it's nice he has a bit of closure.

What did you think of the case?

Amy: I thought it was an excellent episode. It was neat how Henry's backstory was connected to the present.

Kathleen: I enjoyed it, despite the fact that I found it weird that polonium-210 was used as a murder weapon in two different series – on two different networks! – this week. NCIS: New Orleans had a murderous housewife using the stuff on her brother-in-law.

Miranda: I found this one to be more intriguing than many of the others, for sure. When the assassin went after the baby, I was panicked, even though I know this isn't the kind of show where assassins murder babies.

Paul: I loved it. It kept me on the edge on seat throughout. The main thing I love about the show is how unique the cases are. Everyone thinks this show is just a run of the mill procedural. It's not.

Had you ever heard of Urkesh prior to the episode?

Amy: No, I had never heard of Urkesh before, but I made a point of Googling it after the episode. I love learning new things.

Kathleen: Honestly, it reminded me of the old Mission: Impossible TV series, where they had the fictional Eastern European/South American/Asian country of the week.

Miranda: Nope. Can't say that I have. But when the girl found out her father wasn't lying, I immediately started looking for Julie Andrews to come around and teacher her how to be a princess.

Paul: Nope, but I also Googled it. I love when I learn stuff while watching TV.

What did you like most about the flashbacks?

Amy: Seeing Henry and Abigail on their honeymoon on the Orient Express. When the King came to thank Henry for saving his son, it was cute that he gave Henry a big hug, and then had the waiters appear with dinner.

Kathleen: I laughed at that scene, too, Amy, especially the look on Henry's face when the King hugged him, and followed by the invasion of the wait staff with dinner!

Miranda: Henry and Abigail's story is always great to see since it's so central to Henry's present-day and Abe's life. I love when Abe and Henry acknowledge each other as father and son with mentions of Abigail.

Paul: We got to see even more layers to Henry and Abigail. Their relationship spans many years clearly and I'm guessing we will see a lot more of it.

Will Abe knowing he and Henry are related stop him from looking for more family members, or will he continue to look?

Amy: I think that he will continue to look, just out of natural curiosity. Now that he knows that he is related to Henry, maybe he will see if there is any connection to Abigail, or someone famous.

Kathleen: It would be a fascinating journey, discovering his family for the first time. Finding out his blood relation to Henry is the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, what-have-you, but that doesn't mean that there's not more cake to be had!

Miranda: Oh, he'll continue to look. Somehow he'll probably trace it far enough back to learn that Adam is also related to them.

Paul: I think in the short term he will stop, but his curiosity will never leave him.

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