Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 11 Review: All I Could Do Was Cry

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Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 11 told one if its most difficult stories ever as Jackson and April needed to make a decision about their unborn child.

Like always, I came prepared. With Kleenex at my bedside, I'm never afraid to admit that I absolutely love crying while watching my favorite television shows. 

There's something about being moved in such an immeasurable way and being left tear-stricken when we watch our favorite characters deal with real life tragedies. Maybe it's the fact that sometimes it feels like their stories could be our very own. Whatever it is, heartfelt stories are one of the main reasons we're still and will always be Grey's Anatomy fanatics.

With every flashback, we were reminded how happiness can simply be recalled and even forgotten in times of darkness. April and Jackson's story of their baby, Samuel Norbert Avery, was truly heartbreaking and was portrayed so poignantly and tragically. 

When April questioned her faith and broke down feeling more hurt than ever, I couldn't help but feel her pain. It was definitely an unfair situation and I believed every word as she trembled with fear.

I can't even imagine finding out that your baby's bones are breaking inside of you and then having to sign a birth certificate and death certificate all in one sitting. Like April said, sometimes life can be incredibly cruel.

The scene with Jackson praying for April in the chapel was so sad but beautiful. It felt raw and real. I appreciated that he did not completely change his non-belief practices in such a trying time, and still found the courage to ask God to help his wife because she believed. I'm not sure his love as a husband and father could have been illustrated in a better way.

Ultimately, I was glad that Catherine was there to try to console both April and Jackson. Also, it was comforting to see April and Jackson still have such a memorable moment with their son as they baptized him and held onto him as long as they could. After such a long and trying day, they found peace. That's all that you could really want for them after all that happened.

Meanwhile, a patient was accidently shot by her husband and also delivered a baby all in one day. I'm always shocked to hear of women who deliver babies without even knowing they were pregnant. So, I was again surprised to see an actual storyline about a woman having no clue she was expecting. Either way, that baby girl is lucky to have some surprised and proud parents.

Elsewhere, Stephanie worked with Amelia to remove a tumor that would give a patient his sight back. Stacked against the odds, Stephanie felt uncomfortable knowing that the chances were slim and felt that Amelia was giving false hope. In the end, Amelia was able to remove 98% of the tumor and the patient was able to see again. She seriously rocks! 

Other Thoughts:

  • I loved that Amelia briefly talked about her unicorn baby to Owen.
  • I found myself wanting Dr. Addison Montgomery to show up and save the day so many times during this installment.
  • Meredith's new babysitter is Maggie. I'm digging this plot and wouldn't mind seeing Maggie grow closer to Meredith and the kids. By the way, has Meredith still not hired a nanny?
  • Be sure to return next week to chime in on the Grey's Anatomy Round Table.

Overall, I thought "All I Could Do Was Cry" was tear-jerking and touching. I liked the way April and Jackson's story was shared and how captivating the writing was. The acting was on point and I won't soon forget this episode.

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NOTE: Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 12 will be titled "The Great Pretender" and air on Thursday, February 19.

All I Could Do Was Cry Review

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Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 11 Quotes

Richard: You can tell me.
Meredith: I'd rather not.
Richard: You said it was important.
Meredith: It's just sex. Emergency sex with husband.
Richard: Should have dropped it.
Meredith: Told ya.

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