Helix Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Densho

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I don't like bees, in fact, I'm deathly allergic to them. So the "Flight of the Bumblebee" intro to Helix Season 2 Episode 4 made me slightly more uncomfortable than usual.

This week, we learned that Peter is receiving orders à la Balleseros. Later on, it was revealed the orders are coming from the man himself. Yes, it was great to see Mark Ghanime reprise his role. I was wondering if we would see him this season.

As a fan of Hatake, I'm not at all pleased by this week's turn of events. Still holding out hope he'll be back.

I mentioned the bees and Peter playing Balleseros which were the scenes that opened the show, so let's skip over to crazytown. Hatake was clearly insane (look at me already talking about him in past tense), but what was he attempting to inject Julia with? He mentioned the disease is not important, but if the white fluid was a cure why remove the needle before entering Julia's blood stream?

I can't say I quite understand the Hatake story arc yet, but that's clearly by design. The sword/ax battle between Hatake and Julia was intense and very well choreographed. I don't recall seeing a scene like that in Helix before, so it was fresh and fun.

That said, did the writers really just kill Hatake off? It sure seemed that way didn't it? However, it's possible he healed and walked away from his wounds. It's also possible the white fluid made him mortal again, allowing him to die. Hatake did apologize to Julia for making her like him. What if that's what he's been working on? A way to reverse immortality? Last season I didn't see the twist coming, so I don't I have any idea what's in store.

As long as you live, there will always be a part of you that is me.


Back at the abbey, Kyle gave Brother Michael a piece of his mind. I've got to say, I'm loving Matt Long in this role and I really hope his character survives. Though it's not looking good for Texas, we can always hope the writers spare him right?

The autopsy confirmed Travis' infection was insect borne and I'm glad Kyle traced it to the bees. It did confuse me when he claimed the bees were not carriers. Didn't we watch Travis get stung and develop all the nasty symptoms? Can anyone shed some light on this?

When Alan and Kyle finally met, I was struck by this feeling that the new guy is way too interested in Alan. Is it possible he's there to take Alan down? Is Kyle an Ilaria mole? Anyway, Sarah asked for Alan's help, but he refused until she informed him one patient got better.

Sarah: We need your help.
Alan: I'm not CDC anymore.
Sarah: We have thirty victims, twenty nine of which are presumed dead.
Alan: What about the thirtieth?
Sarah: He got better.

Brother Michael remains a mystery in much the same way Hatake did in Helix Season 1. Why did he ask Sarah if they've met before? And why is he so damn touchy feely with the "sisters"? It was scary when he lost it in the dining hall. Was that the first time he raised his voice?

I've mentioned before that it seems like Michael is aware of the "sisters" extracurricular activities. He asked them to handle things discretely. However, what did he mean that is was too soon to include them on the portrait wall? Is he the one who decides when their path is done (die sestra)?

It sure was impressive watching Sister Agnes slap the crap out of Sister Amy. The woman had been so quiet until that point. Is it possible Amy is responsible for all of this nonsense and that Brother Michael truly is clueless? Seems highly unlikely but anything's possible.

There were several revealing scenes between the Farragut brother's this week. Alan clearly realized that it was Peter who knocked him out. He also mentioned that Julia was an Ilaria leader in Paris. Did he bomb the building to kill her? Will they run into each other in the present?

Narvik, Mycrosis, they're all just symptoms of a bigger sickness; immortals are the real plague.


Overall, this was a bizarre installment even by Helix standards. I'm not sure what to make of the virus; are the bees carriers or not? What's Balleseros' role at Ilaria now and will Peter continue following orders or take Alan's side? Ten bucks says Caleb finds and heals Julia. If she's Ilaria, what's her endgame? Soren's mother stabbed Sarah, but will she lose the baby or will the wound accelerate its birth?

What did you think of "Densho"? Is Hatake truly gone? Is Peter a villain and if so, what will Alan do about it? Will Sarah's baby survive the stabbing? Your turn Helix fanatics, please share your wildest theories in the comments below.

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Densho Review

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Helix Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

I need you three to handle the matter discretely. I'm trusting you, my three best girls.

Brother Michael

Kyle: Those kids had no rash, no jaundice, no physical signs of the pathogen whatsoever. And none of them remembers a damn thing.
Brother Michael: I saw a boy attacking his own mother. What else could explain such violent behavior?
Kyle: They were under the influence of something; not the pathogen. For my money, you brainwashed those poor kids.