Jane the Virgin Review: Chapter 13

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Talk about an emotion-heavy episode.

On Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 13, Jane dealt with a lot of big moments. Ultrasound. Graduation. Unfortunately, they didn't all lead to happy emotions, but it made for a wonderful and sincere episode. 

It started out seemingly happy. Jane was trying on her graduation dress and preparing to learn the sex of the baby. Of course, everything couldn't be that happy. 

It was adorable seeing Jane get excited as she waited to learn the sex of the baby. But, It was even more heartbreaking to watch Jane get the news of something possibly being wrong.

Let's just put it this way: when Gina Rodriguez cries you can't help but want to give her a giant hug. That's exactly how it felt watching Jane wrestle with the decision that could alter the pregnancy.  It was so difficult watching her deal with every little tear and proved, once again, why she deserved that Golden Globe. 

In addition to those sad tears, there were also the ones of pride when Jane celebrated her graduation via surprise party on bed rest. Jane's loved ones toasted her with speeches, each more emotional than the next. Except Rogelio's; he gave his speech in his true fashion – funny, with a dash of ego. 

The sweetest part was watching all three Villanueva women gather around to celebrate Jane. That moment showed me the hope that Jane is right and a fourth Villanueva woman will be joining them soon.

You are allowed to be as emotional as you want. In two days, you're too early.


In other places, Rogelio dealt with unemployment in a fairly unsuccessful way. He shopped online, lectured 10-year-olds on the downside of acting, and ignored his agent's calls. Not the best coping mechanisms. With the help of Xo, he finally got a job offer...in Mexico.

I happen to be in the middle of a heated bidding war on eBay to take my mind off the heated war currently raging over my acting services.


It was, again, sad watching Rogelio's face as he told Xo the news. Even though he has always been the self-absorbed actor, it was obvious how much it hurt at the idea of leaving her. What are you doing to me, Jane the Virgin writers?!?!

The more shock-inducing aspects of the episode occurred with the Sin Rostro case, which delivered more and more information. First, Michael learned that Emilio's alibi checked out and he didn't kill the bellboy. Then, Rose's lie caught up with her and Michael put the pieces of the puzzle together determining that she is Sin Rostro. This led to a genius joke including Michael, the narrator's commentary, and an overhead light. 

Narrator: If a lightbulb could go on over Michael's head, it would.
[light on]
Nadine: Sorry, it was kind of dark in here.

I'm not ashamed to admit I laughed for a while after this joke. 

Unfortunately, by the time Michael figured it out, Rose was gone. Even though Rose wasn't caught, I'm grateful that at least it didn't take him more than one episode to figure out the truth. 

Petra, meanwhile, was dealt some serious karma for dumping Lachlan. He promised to take her Spain, but when it came time to leave, he shoved her aside and even banished her from the Marbella. Ouch! But, Petra may have her own payback now that she owns shares of the hotel with psycho, angry ex-boyfriend, Milos. This sounds like it could end very badly in the future, but on whose end is unknown.

To end with the shock of all shocks, Nadine analyzed video of Zazo's death. He was Rafael's friend/Petra's lover/assumed Sin Rostro compadre. She figured out that neither the bellboy Emilio nor Rose could have killed him. But wha? It turns out Zazo isn't even dead!! Rafael met him in a secret location and he's alive and well. 

To say I was confused and shocked is an understatement. My biggest question is whose body fell on the ice sculpture? There are many questions about this new development. 

What happened to Zazo? Do you think Rogelio will take the new job? How did you feel about Jane's emotional decision?

If you need to catch up on everything that has happened, make sure you watch Jane the Virgin online via TV Fanatic.

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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

You are allowed to be as emotional as you want. In two days, you're too early.


I happen to be in the middle of a heated bidding war on eBay to take my mind off the heated war currently raging over my acting services.