Once Upon a Time Casts Agnes Bruckner for Recurring Role

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There's another pretty face making her way to Storybrooke and she'll be played by Agnes Bruckner.

Bruckner, who portrayed Anna Nicole Smith in a Lifetime movie and will be starring in the A&E series The Returned coming this spring, is joining Once Upon a Time Season 4 in a recurring role.

Agnes Bruckner

A recent casting call for a character named "Autumn" is at the top of the list of suspects. The casting notice describes her as charismatic and fiercely independent with a penchant for trouble making. While she really just wants to be loved, she tends to wrap people up in her schemes. Despite her best efforts to draw people in, instead she alienates those she loves.

Exactly how "Autumn" will be related to anyone in Storybrooke is unknown. Also unknown is whether Bruckner will be playing this particular character and whether, if she does, she'll arrive in town with the name Autumn! Casting notices often give false information to keep spoilers to a minimum.

Whether Bruckner plays Autumn, some version of her or not, expect her to stay for at least an initial three-story arc. 

She sounds kind of sweet, and not involved in the current witchy women theme. What do you think? Welcome addition or not? Any other ideas on who she might be playing?

If you need to catch up on all things Storybrooke, you can watch Once Upon a Time online via TV Fanatic. The series returns to the schedule Sunday, March 1 at 8/7c. 

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