Parks and Recreation Season 7 Episode 7 Review: Donna and Joe

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Although love and romance were in the air tonight, Parks and Recreation Season 7 Episode 7 itself was rather lonely seeing as how it wasn't paired with a follow up episode, as we've become accustomed. 

It's alright, though, a momentous occasion like Donna and Joe getting married deserves its own ceremony (and Questlove cameo!). 

It was great seeing Donna, infamous for always keeping her cards close to her chest and always being the one with power in a relationship, finally tie the knot with Joe. As always, it was great seeing Keegan-Michael Key reprise his role as Donna's overly nice hubby.

His placidness seems to have rubbed off on her as well over time – although she didn't hesitate to seize the fact that it was her wedding day and give her ex-best friend from high school an unwanted earful about old lovers. 

Michelle we were best friends since high school, except when you stop talking to me because you thought your boyfriend was into me. He was.

Donna was lucky April was around to play the guardian angel and her fairy godmother all in one. She worked nonstop to make sure that the ever-difficult Meagle family was handed out severe time-outs and scoldings, but still managed to catch onto Donna's passive-aggressive disappointment over the resulting calmness quick enough to whip up some last minute drama at the drop of a hat. 

April and Andy didn't have much else to do, aside from helping Donna get married in wonderful fashion, but Ben and Leslie sure had a lot on their plate. From the three kids, who seemed to all but place a flag on their babysitter (played by the always great Rachel Dratch) and claim what they've conquered, to Jen's persistence over either one of them running for Congress, the power couple were being pulled in every direction.

They had enough concerns to turn anyone into an alcoholic, which makes sense considering that they both did indeed get wasted during the wedding rehearsal.

I'm glad Ben is filling into this role nicely, and I'm excited to see where this campaign takes them as a couple (hopefully to Washington, where apparently everyone is already drunk). 

You guys are gonna fit in so well in Washington. Most of Congress is drunk all of the time.


Life is firing on all cylinders for Ben and Leslie – their kids, their careers, and their friends. I'm glad to see that they still have time for some romance. Leslie couldn't have been more turned on by Ben addressing the press if he was wearing a Joe Biden mask. 

Ben: I'm Ben Wyatt and I'm running for Congress.
Leslie: That was so hot.

The low-key romance of the night though, definitely has to go to Tom and Lucy. They seem like a match made in heaven – lovable, goofy, and both like Tom. Ron definitely put his foot in his mouth a few times there when trying to help out, but he managed to clean things up by the end. As always, his heart was in the right place, even if his brain won't let him betray his ways. 

Ron does this weird thing where he says exactly what he means. Just ignore him.


There were plenty more great moments throughout the half-hour (the gang finally remembers Jer--er, I mean Garry's real name!) so feel free to check them out over at Parks and Recreation quotes. You can also watch Parks and Recreation online to catch anything you might have missed the first time through Donna's special wedding.

The episode felt kind of small, unlike usual wedding themed episodes which try to be larger than life, but it couldn't have been more fitting for Parks and Rec. I'm excited to see where this current road takes our cast as we approach the series finale. See you guys next week, when Parks is back to airing two episodes back-to-back!

Donna and Joe Review

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Parks and Recreation Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Ron: Tom is quite taken with you.
Lucy: He's taken with me, huh?
Ron: He said he'd marry you tomorrow.

Say what you want about organized religion, but those bastards knew how to construct an edifice.