Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 16 Review: Blunt

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I was wondering when Dominic and the Brotherhood were going to return to Person of Interest.

They’ve been an interesting enough addition to the series, that fresh blood vying for control of New York, but I haven’t found them near as threatening as Elias or the super agents sent by Samaritan.

But, Dominic’s been growing on me, and I love his fascination and persistence in finding out more about Reese and the POI team.

I’m not surprised he came out of the shadows to have a sit down with Reese in Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 16, but I’m sure Reese’s comments about kicking his ass from a distance probably helped persuade him.

And, man did Reese get to put his combat skills to the test! The best scene for his action moves definitely was at the club, taking out guys set to the dance music, before smoothly putting that bottle back on ice. Every good action scene takes place at a dance club, right?

It was even more awesome to see Fusco get into the action. He had some great moments from pulling out his Taser, playing backup at the diner and knocking that guy out who spotted Reese. He continues to dish out some great nicknames like Mr. Peabody. Would that make Reese Sherman?

The case of the week, while it stemmed from medical marijuana and some money laundering, really established the con woman Harper (or whatever her real name might actually be) and Dominic’s continued rise in power.

As we continue to head towards the Person of Interest Season 4 finale, it really appears as if all the various groups are building up their teams.

Dominic is certainly looking to add Harper to his group, her smarts and skills would be an asset, but I wonder if she might wind up back with the POI team. Finch did steal her ring after all, so she seems bound to return.

What kind of outcome will wind up for Dominic? Can he ever manage to get the upper hand against the POI team? Plus, he’s still got to worry about Elias gunning for him.

It will be interesting to see how that side of the story does wind up playing out, and hopefully, Reese gets to kick some more Dominic ass along the way.

It would certainly be a good thing if the POI team did get some more members, what with the amount of enemies they have to face, and I love Root’s eagerness to contribute to that.

I was glad that Finch tried to follow her (and gave Bear a walk), but she’s so good at getting away that I wasn’t surprised she gave him the slip.

But, while it did take me a few moments to recognize him, I was very intrigued by Root meeting up with Caleb Phipps. The last time we saw him, Finch was his substitute teacher trying to help him and his genius gift with technology in Person of Interest Season 2 Episode 11.

He has really come a long way since his school days, and I can only hope that his abilities will help the POI team in their war with Samaritan. Plus, it’s always great when past characters return, especially when they could play an even bigger role than before.

This was pretty much just a case of the week episode, but it was still entertaining and reintroduced the battle against the Brotherhood. I think the POI team has nothing to worry about with Dominic’s group, but I can only hope they don’t underestimate him either.

Still, there feels like another storm is brewing as we head towards the finale, and I’m geared up to see just what else the POI team has in store.

What did you think? Should the POI team be worried about the Brotherhood? Sound off below, and catch all of the cases when you watch Person of Interest online. You can next check in with us for Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 17.

Blunt Review

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