Scandal Round Table: Who Will Win Olivia Pope?

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It's out of the frying pan and into the fire for Olivia Pope! She managed to save herself from dying at the hands of her kidnapper... but now she's on the auction block.

How did the Scandal Round Table panel react to this recent development?

Read the thoughts of Jim Garner, Christine Orlando, Leigh Raines, and Miranda Wicker to find out. Then tell us who YOU think will win the auction for Olivia Pope.

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite quote or scene from Scandal Season 4 Episode 11?

Jim: There were so many good ones it is really hard to pick. I can pick out my favorite player -- Mellie. Starting with her reaction and response to Fitz telling her that he was going to end up killing Olivia, all the way to her telling him, "I took care of it," Mellie was not only a force to be reckoned with, she did what no other wife on the planet would do and saved the woman her husband fell in love with.

Christine:  Favorite quote has to go to Mellie when she tells Fitz, “I thought you loved her. Don’t tell me we’ve been through all of this for a cheap screw.”

Leigh: I think we can all agree with Mellie being the MVP of the episode. Bellamy Young is slaying it!!! Also loved Olivia Pope'ing Ian when she said "Do you want to be a babysitter of a boss?" 

Miranda: I loved Olivia Pope-ing Ian, for sure. It might be one of my favorite Olivia moments yet. I'll continue the Mellie trend and give her major props for sleeping with Andrew just to steal his cell phones.

Scale of 1 to 10, how terrible was this episode?

Jim: Going into the episode I would have given it a 10. Kidnapped-victim stories have been done so many times. However, given the surprises like Mellie helping Ftiz, David being able to say "I'm saving Olivia Pope", and Olivia finding her spine again, it turned out to be a pretty good episode. In the end I give it about a 2 on the terrible scale, only because they didn't resolve it fully.

Christine:  I’ll give it a 4. I had problems with everyone on Fitz’s Secret Service team working for the Vice President but other than that, it was a solid episode.

Leigh: Did not hate it at all! Agree with Christine on the points of the Secret Service because I don't understand how the whole White House would just flip on Fitz and listen to Andrew. But Mellie, Jake, Cyrus, OPA, all on point. I think Mellie probably saved the episode. Going with a 3. 

Miranda: Maybe this is a case of Reviewer's Curse, but guys, this episode was dreadful. I'm giving it a solid 7.4 for the WTF factor of how completely jacked up Olivia's kidnapping timeline is. Plus Andrew having the ENTIRE White House and secret service turned against Fitz. PLUS Mellie, even though I loved her, telling Fitz to go to war to save his mistress. 

How do you feel about Fitz ordering air strikes on West Angola to save Olivia?

Jim: Ian said it best, history is full of people who have done worse for a woman. I can't wait to see what Fitz does to the Andrew now that he has no leverage.

Christine:  Yes, I’m sure people have done far worse for less. I was surprised he was even thinking about allowing Olivia to die and that Mellie was the one to convince him otherwise.

Leigh: What would you do for the person you loved most in this world? Probably anything. Then again, I'm not the leader of the United States so it's a bit different. What's the right answer here? Not sure there is one. 

Miranda: I feel like it's the President's job to make hard decisions, even if they break his heart. I would have had Fitz refuse to go to war, Olivia save herself, and then see where the fallout from their relationship goes. Killing potentially thousands of innocent people for the sake of one person isn't romantic.

What will Andrew do now that his leverage is gone?

Jim: I'm guessing die a slow and painful death if Huck gets him or disappear into a hole so deep nobody will even remember his name if Fitz gets to him first. No matter which way he goes, I suspect he is doomed.

Christine:  Yikes! Wait until Huck gets ahold of him. Andrew was all macho when he scolded Elizabeth for being afraid after Huck visited her home. I can’t wait to see how that bravado crumbles when Andrew gets to face Huck himself.

Leigh: Andrew's nuts. I'm sure he's got a back up plan. 

Miranda: I think Andrew will try to have Fitz assassinated and then he'll be arrested and tried for treason, probably dying a slow, painful death first. Maybe Tom will kill him in prison and Fitz will pardon Tom. Who knows with Scandal, right?

Olivia just Pope-d Ian. What's your reaction?

Jim: Thank God she found her spine again! After she dropped the gun last week after shooting one bad guy and went back into "trembling-scared mode" I wasn't sure what the hell was going on. I always knew that Olivia could save her self some how.

Christine:  Thank goodness. I was so disappointed in her when she dropped the gun last week and failed to shoot Ian. Watching her play him is going to be fun.

Leigh: I feel like a proud parent. Even her little trick with tilting the water glass. Breadcrumbs, baby! 

Miranda: That was one of my favorite moments of the entire episode, maybe the part that redeemed it for me.

Who will win the auction for Olivia Pope?

Jim: I'm going with the wild card of Jake Ballard. Something tells me he will be dark horse. Unless Papa Pope makes a surprise appearance.

Christine:  I'm going to go out on a limb and say Mama Pope. No matter where she is, the woman has contacts and I don’t think you can ever discount how far a mother will go for her child.

Leigh: Could definitely be a Pope parent. Or someone completely random we don't know yet. Maybe an old face? Hollis Doyle? Someone that will help set up the back end of the season.

Miranda: I think it depends on who's talking to Mama Pope. Fitz thinks she's dead, so who knows that she's still alive? Rowan? Might they work together to save their daughter?

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Olivia: It's not going to work. Using me as bait. He won't do it. Go to war. The President doesn't negotiate with terrorists.
Ian: Honestly, I don't care. I get paid either way. But for argument's sake, let's wager. One dollar. I bet you that he will go to war for you. One dollar says he does it. Because President or not he's just a man. A sad, terrified man who's lost his Olivia doll and wants her back. Call me a romantic, but I bet one dollar that he loves you, and that's what makes the world go round. Emotion, sex, jealousy, insecurities.

Tom: The face that launched a thousand ships.
Fitz: What?
Tom: Helen of Troy. Menelaus got her back but it took him 10 years of war. Will you launch a thousand ships to save Ms. Pope?