Scorpion Season 1 Episode 16 Review: Love Boat

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Toby, Happy, and Ralph bonding? I'm so here for that.

On Scorpion Season 1 Episode 16, while half of the team is off on a luxury cruise, Toby and Happy hang back in the garage. Toby didn't really have a big role during this case. While, Happy provided back up, Toby focused on Ralph.

It is a little sad that there wasn't really a role for him during the case, but hey, this just meant more bonding between Toby and Ralph.

Ralph actually spent some more time at the garage, and with someone other than Walter. It was amazing. Between Toby picking Ralph up at school and the Valentine's day fireworks, the entire thing is filled with cuteness. Let's talk about the grand finale, shall we? The fireworks are adorable, but the main question in my mind was why are tiny children having a Valentine's Day dance at night? It seemed a touch weird, but maybe that's how the kids do it these days.

Happy and Toby freak out time! Yes, favorite couple alert, don't mind me. They made a whole lot of progress, and it is all thanks to Ralph. Okay, so it's all thanks to them having to help Ralph woo a girl. There was definitely going to be a kiss, and then a teacher had to show up. What will be interesting to watch is if Happy or Toby backpedal at all iany time soon, or if they will try to pick up where they were rudely interrupted.

Alright, case talk. Sylvester started off horribly, but then he managed to step it up. What's a little confusing is that aside from him being sick in the room, there really wasn't any mention of Sylvester feeling uncomfortable at all on the boat. He seemed perfectly normal throughout the rest of the hour. There wasn't any follow through on his fears, except for when he launched himself at the life raft, which was pretty heroic and Chaz-like.

That being said, it was hilarious to have Sylvester be the one undercover. This is not in his wheelhouse at all, which makes it all the more fun. Paige tried to prompt him, but goodness, that ice fishing story. She was the one who got Sylvester to get over his fears. He was strong for her whenever the hostage situation was happening, and then he willingly put himself in harm's way, and you know, in the way of the ocean.

Plus, there was some Paige and Sylvester one on one time, which rarely happens.

One interesting thing about this case was how often the plan changed. Walter and Cabe went through a couple plans when it came to what to do with the rockets. While most procedurals follow a somewhat predictable path when it comes to cases, Scorpion doesn't. Yes, there will be some predictable moments, but along the way there are mini twists and turns.

How many times did the rocket plan change during this episode, five or so? It just keeps you on your toes.

Here's a shocker. I don't like boats, primarily because they are on the water, and I don't like water.


This case was a bit crazy. Everything was done on the fly. Any plans that they had were gone really quickly. For the most part, though, it was easy to follow along. Towards the end there were a bunch of ships and helicopters happening that were a bit confusing. Ralphy-boy got to do some hacking, which was pretty cute. What did you think of the case?

Walter made some progress of his own. He just happened to run into his ex-girlfriend on the cruise. She was the one Walter broke up with in the pilot, and somehow she is already engaged. Good for you, girl. Walter asked her for advice on how not to screw things up again, and what is great was that she was actually helpful. She could have given a list of nit-picky reasons or just blown him off completely. Instead, she pointed out a valid flaw that Walter has – he gets bored with people easily. 

What did you think of "Love Boat"? Was anyone else surprised that Walter stepped up and took Paige's place as a hostage? Did you have a favorite quote or scene? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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Love Boat Review

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Should I get the extinguisher? Because your pants are on fire, liar, liar.