Sexy Saturday: 23 Dreamiest Detectives on TV

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It’s finally the weekend which means just one thing…Sexy Saturday here at TV Fanatic! 

We've already visited the Luscious Ladies of Law Enforcement, so this time around we’ve rounded up several of their male counterparts and found the dreamiest detectives on TV.

From FBI Agents to small town police. Chicago PD to Division 15 in Toronto. All of these men are not only good at their jobs, they also make it into our dreams.

These are the men who keep the streets safe of everything from murderers and serial killers to demons supernatural beings.

Whether they wear a shirt and tie, they're a t-shirt guy, or no shirt at all, we’re running down the smartest, savviest, and downright dreamiest investigators that grace our screens each week.

So sit back and enjoy a TV Fanatic Sexy Saturday as you peruse through our 23 Dreamiest Detectives on TV. 

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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