Stalker Round Table: Where Is Nikita?

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We witnessed Ray and Perry's plan, along with the execution of it, on Stalker Season 1 Episode 17.

In response to this installment, TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Stacy Glanzman, Paul Dailly - alon with super fan Amy Perrin - have gathered around the Stalker Round Table to discuss Ben's fate, Perry's death and Ray's next move...

Stalker Round Table 1-27-15

Write a eulogy for Perry.

Allison: Here lies Perry, a sick psycho who turned out to be not as crazy as the guy he let out of the mental institution. He died doing something surprisingly heroic.

Stacy: Perry started out as an interesting and creepy foe, but he went soft on us once Ray actually started making plans. He also lost some brain cells or something because what a dumb decision it was to stay in that motel room until Ray came back. What did he think would happen if Ray found his family friend there? And telling Ray he could trust him and then making a run for the door? He should have waited until he left again.

Amy: Perry Whitley came from a prominent family, but was a very troubled kid. His Dad was always there to rescue him, however he got mixed up with a very dangerous psychopath, and in way over his head. He tried to redeem himself by doing the right thing, but it ended up costing him his life. Rest in peace, Perry.

Paul: Oh, Perry. You were good, but good enough to take down Beth. Who knew that you helping Ray would result in him killing you? Maybe you should pick your friends more carefully in the afterlife. 

React to Perry's death.

Allison: It needed to happen. There was nothing more that Perry could contribute to the story, and at least this way he went out a hero(ish).

Stacy: Not at all how I would have liked to see that happen. For one, it should have been Beth, and it shouldn't have happened while he was saving Tracey. I really didn't like what they did with his character.

Amy: I was a little surprised and disappointed to see him die in that way. I agree with Stacy that it would have been more gratifying to see Beth kill him.

Paul: It was random, but shocking. I expected him to live until the conclusion of the storyline. 

What will happen next with Beth and Ray.

Allison: I am hoping Ray is slightly unprepared for how badass Beth has become. She is not the same girl that he knew, and I want her to prove it to him. I want Beth to go all Nikita on his ass.

Stacy: I'm assuming torture is on Ray's agenda, but she'll escape and there will be an epic fight scene and she kills him. Or at least, that's what I hope happens.

Amy: Ray will probably want to hold Beth captive, but Beth is a very resourceful, and she will break free. I can picture a cat and mouse game that will ultimately result in Ray's gory death. CBS better air the remaining 3 episodes because I will be so mad if they end it on this ginormous cliffhanger.

Paul: Obviously Ray is going to try get Beth to agree to take him back. We all know that isn't going to happen. As everyone else has said, it's time for Beth to channel her inner Nikita and kick his ass, 

Is Ben a goner?

Allison: I have faith! I gasped when he got shot. I just could not believe it. I'm hoping that since we saw the siren lights through his hazy point of view that Ben will make it.

Stacy: I thought he was when he was shot, but since he was still alive by the end of the episode, I think he'll live.

Amy: His wound looked really bad, and the paramedics couldn't detect a pulse, so my guess is that he will die.

Paul: Hopefully not. He only just started getting interesting. 

How did you feel about Perry showing remorse before his death?

Allison: Ever since Perry got Ray out, he has realized that Ray is a different kind of crazy. I feel like Ray killing Perry's friend (the guy his dad always sends to track Perry down) was Perry's snapping point.

Stacy: I didn't like it. I liked Perry as a villain and I didn't want to them attempt to redeem him. It didn't work for me.

Amy: I was rather taken aback by Perry's transformation. The Perry that died seemed like a totally different character than the one that was stalking Beth.

Paul: It was very out of character. It makes me think he knew that Ray was about to take things too far. Perry probably had all these ideas in his head, but didn't have it in him to follow through and maybe he knew that. 

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