Supernatural Round Table: Ghost in the Machine

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A ghost in the WiFi?

Sam and Dean took on a case of the week in Supernatural Season 10 Episode 13 where a vengeful spirit was using technology to kill. But what did the Supernatural Round Table panelists think of the hour?

Join TV Fanatic staff writers Carla Day and Sean McKenna and The Winchester Family Business’ Alice Jester as they ichat about “Halt & Catch Fire.”

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene?

Alice: Um... er... OK, I’m going with the guy who’s brain was liquified by speakers being too loud (or whatever technically happened since there’s no Mythbusters precedent to prove how wrong that is). It was classic campy gore. I swear I was watching Scream or Saw 12. Of course, then I remembered this was Supernatural and I got a little sad.  

Carla: I loved the look on Dean's face when the phone rang in the basement and then the ghost attack from that. So much for no signal and attempt to use salt. Of course, it couldn't be as easy a fix as heading to the basement. It was ridiculously awesome.

Sean: I liked Dean's lack of concentration with all the college girls walking past him. Just to see his reactions and then telling Sam he wasn't going to make it was a humorous part of the hour that was overly forgettable.

What did you think of the ghost using WiFi to attack and kill?

Alice: Strangely, I didn’t mind it, but it was weak. We are so wired and dependent on electronics we can’t stop a ghost from infiltrating our systems and/or lives. The Internet is a bad horror movie! I didn’t mind the ghost all that much, but when the wife managed to get him to stop and go toward that bright light via a video message, that’s when it went really south. Let’s turn the irony of technology on itself! Absurdity rules! Oh, but what do I know? I’m a clueless Generation X’er.

Carla: It was something I haven't seen before so it had that going for it. It was unexpected, yet made sense. Well, as much sense as much of the supernatural lore. It worked for me. It was a traditional story told in a new, modern way. The scary ghost guy showing up on all the screens and phones as they went through the house was freaky.

Sean: I guess the concept was interesting because we all use technology so much, but it just felt silly the more the hour went on. And I agree about the video chat part. I was already ready to move on to a different case.

Do you believe Dean when he says he's going to try and live with the Mark?

Alice: I did, until the preview for next week showed. So, now I’m gonna say not. Way to ruin a painfully slow to realize sentiment. At least Sam got 3 episodes before he reneged on his promise not to use his powers in season four. Ah, season four (reminisces and smiles…)

Carla: I believe that Dean believes he's going to try to live with the Mark. And, that means something. He may not succeed because he's not really in control of the Mark right now. It's out of his hands whether he can actually live his life and help people while he still has it. He will try though.

Sean: I actually really liked the statements he made, and he's seemed to be able to do a decent job of handling the Mark. But yeah, the promo for the next episode seems to counter that. Guess we'll find out.

If you could see Dean's Facebook, what would his latest post say?

Alice: Bite me.

Carla: It would be a picture of his dinner: a juicy burger, fries and a beer.

Sean: Off on a college visit. They better have pie.

If you could see Sam's Facebook, what would his latest post say?

Alice: Got the hair trimmed today. I’ve gotta say, I look fabulous. 

Carla: Some cheesy inspirational quote.

Sean: I can't believe my brother listens to Taylor Swift...

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