Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 8 Review: Art Like Love is Dedication

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I was curious if we would hear more about Eric's wife, but I am left with more questions than answers.

Eric's wife has been this looming force over Regina and I have successfully been sucked in on wanting to know what, exactly, happened to her. We all know Eric was in a gang and it seems as though his wife may have been involved in said gang as well. On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 8, we got a better idea of what Eric may have gone through with his wife.

Let's not waste anymore time and talk about tonights episode.

When Mingo was first introduced we all knew he would try to get a date with Daphne – we all saw the look he gave her in Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 3. While he's an attractive man I still want to see a relationship happen between Josh and Daphne. I know Josh has some issues he is still dealing with, but he can really give Daphne a run for her money.

Mingo is the worst kind of guy – one who changes depending on the people he is with. It was so infuriating when he blew off Daphne after he invited her to the party he was going to. Then Vimla gave her the sage advice of just going to sleep with Mingo – yeah that's not going to end badly. Daphne needs to listen to Regina and do what is best for her instead of listening to the people around her – unless they want her with Josh.

Who all figured Bay would get released early after she saved the officer? We all pretty must saw it coming, but it was still a relief to see this part of the story come to an end. It's been a long time since we've seen Bay truly smile and you have to love the enthusiasm she showed when leaving the station. Bay is one character who really deserves a break.

I'm not sure Bay should give Emmett a lot of space especially considering Skye is interested in Emmett and she probably already has her claws in him. At least Bay has her art to fall back on to keep her mind off of the things which are bothering her. The woman at the art gallery truly gave Bay the best advice – create your own art and express yourself.

I admit I was never a fan of Tess, but I have slowly warmed up to her over the past few episodes and I find myself understanding her a little bit more. Her anger at the world makes complete sense and you can't help but feel badly for her son. Tess has made mistakes in the past, but she truly cares about her son and she wants what is best for him. I just wanted to give her a hug when she was talking about how sick he was.

Only Regina would come up with the bonehead idea to invite Eric and his son, Will, to stay in her house while they were out of their own house for a few days. Did she really think this was a smart idea? You haven't know the guy for very long, though you do know he was once in a gang, but you are still going to invite him into your home? I get it, Eric is gorgeous and his son seems like a decent kid, but come on Regina.

You have to love John's immediate approval of Eric – I just hope this doesn't foreshadow something bad will happen in the future. When Eric was reluctant to talk about his wife I couldn't help but see a bunch of red flags fly up. We all understand it's difficult talking about someone who has passed away, but if you want to start a relationship with someone you have to be completely honest and upfront.

It didn't come as a surprise to find out Eric's wife was not a good person and it makes me wonder if she isn't dead. Why else would they constantly move if Eric was no longer in the gang? I imagine we will be finding out Will's mother is somehow still alive and she is someone high up in the gang world.

Oh Travis! I just want him to succeed in school so bad. He really is a great guy and he tries his hardest to do the best he can. I understand completely why he would go to John and not Melody for help with his English work – he doesn't feel like has the proper support from Melody even though she does care. Kathryn is probably the best chose to help Travis out and drill it in his head about the importance of school.

John's talk with Travis is exactly what he needed – Travis has shown he can do things if he puts his mind to it. I can't say I'm entirely surprised to hear the coach was the one who provided Travis with the fake paper. Thankfully, Travis is a smart man and is taking the advice John gave him to heart. 

In the end, Regina was up front with Eric and finally told him she needs complete honesty in a relationship and secrets were not part of the deal. Daphne told Mingo the truth and admitted to wanting to be in an actual relationship and not have a bunch of booty calls. John, unsurprisingly, became the new coach and Bay created a beautiful piece of artwork for Tess and her son.

It was a decent episode, but it left me with a lot of questions. I am curious about what happened between Mingo and his girlfriend and why he is so against a relationship. I also want to hear the truth about Eric's wife already. Look at the previews for Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 9, it looks like Bay is going to fight for her relationship with Emmett – which we all knew was coming. 

There's only two episodes left before the mid-season finale, but you still have time to catch up. Go watch Switched at Birth online now via TV Fanatic.

Art Like Love is Dedication Review

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