The Flash Round Table: Are You Ready for Time Travel?!

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Welcome to the round table for The Flash Season 1 Episode 13!

This week we're discussing the heartbreaking saga of "The Nuclear Man" Firestorm, thoughts about Barry dating Linda Park and Iris' reaction as well as Nora Allen's murder investigation and the idea of time travel.

Join TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Tanya Moat, Narsimha Chintaluri, Hank Otero and Carissa Pavlica as they throw down their answers to these topics and share your own thoughts in the comments!

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

The Whole Firestorm saga is rather heartbreaking. Share your thoughts.

Jim: The one thing Flash has done very well is tug at your heart strings. As exampled by Henry and Barry's conversation last week. Thankfully being a huge Firestorm fan, I know (in the comics) it all works out in the end.

Tanya: It didn't affect me as deeply as the Barry/Henry scenes from last week, but it was still a very emotionally rich saga. It certainly set up Firestorm well, and I'm anxious to see what happens next. And, most importantly, thankfully Ronnie/Stein/Firestorm can ditch that awful, awful, AWFUL wig (minus any flashbacks, I guess). It's as bad as Oliver's island wig on Arrow.

Narsimha: The origin story of Firestorm is indeed heartbreaking, and having two individuals in one only means that there are twice as many emotions and relationships to juggle. There's Stein's wife, and there's Caitlin, each with their own woes, and there's a whole lot of regret and sorrow throw into the mix.

I wasn't really the fan of the ending as a regular scene though – why did Caitlin have to come again? Just to place the device on his chest? Also, I love how it just fell off and they go "oh it didn't work!" And then Barry holding Caitlin back as she yelled for Ronnie...all really sloppy. But the story of Firestorm/Ronnie and Caitlin in general is pretty emotional.

Hank: I'm with Tanya, the Barry/Henry scenes always get me. Though I didn't feel as strong a connection with Firestorm's story, I find it fascinating. I'm not too familiar with the character, so I'm learning as we go along. The visual effects continue to blow my mind. Tanya I'm also hoping that wig's gone for good. It's hilarious to read Robbie Amell's tweets about it, he's a good sport

Carissa: I think it's heartbreaking in that there's really no winner. A strong mind and a strong body means the mind always wins. Clarissa definitely won out in the deal while Caitlin had to look at her man knowing he was trapped inside his own body.

What do you think about Barry and Linda Park?

Jim: Being the comic book nerd I am, I know that Linda Park was involved with one of the other Flash's (Wally West), so I was excited to see her and I'm curious what they plan on doing with her.

Tanya: I like her a lot. She's feisty, smart and bold. She and Barry have great chemistry together, and I prefer a non-heartbroken Barry, so put me on Team Linda.

Narsimha: I think she's fun, and a good counterpoint to Iris.

Hank: Loved them! As Jim mentioned, Linda Park eventually marries Wally West. I'm also curious to see what the writers have in store for the character. Hey with time travel being introduced, who's to say we don't meet Wally at some point? He can't be "Kid Flash" if he's to marry Linda though right?

Carissa: I'm over the whole "if it was in the comics then it forever shall be" idea, because look at what's going on over at Arrow! Oliver Queen and Laurel Lance are not destiny. If Linda was a Flash gal pal, then she can be this Flash's gal pal! They're fantastic together. I loved that the whole body quake thing happened with her. She didn't make a big deal out of it, but really liked it. She's refreshing.

How did you feel about the way Iris handled Linda's inquiry about Barry?

Jim: While it seemed like an honest answer, but you could tell it wasn't unbiased. I'm wondering if Linda will be the catalyst for Iris and Barry ending up together.

Tanya: Predictable move that certainly did not win Iris any points from me, which is bad because she didn't really have any in the first place. The "don't know what you got 'til it's gone" trope is an oldie and occasionally a goodie. But I was really disappointed in Iris. I get that she had blinders on to Barry's very obvious love for her but given what he told her (i.e., I've loved basically my whole life), he also never did anything to sabotage her relationship with Eddie. Or, I presume, any of her previous relationships, either. Not cool, Iris. Not cool at all. I'm just glad Barry called her out on it.

Narsimha: Yeah, I kind of thought it was an honest answer rather than her trying to sabotage Barry, but it's also not like she helped his relationship in anyway. I don't see what her problem in general is – she made her choice, right? I can do without her mopey looks in the corner of the screen every time Barry and Linda kiss.

Hank: It's almost think the writers are trying to make us hate Iris. They're totally pulling a Laurel Lance all over again, it's irritating. I've said this before, I think Candice Patton is way better in her role as Iris West, but make up your minds writers. I want to like Iris, stop making it so damn hard.

Carissa: Iris may have started the conversation out with good intentions, but you could see the change in her eyes as she moved past good intentions to protecting her own interests in Barry. She knows he's in love with her and continually talks about Eddie, so she should rein in her jealousy. She should have invited Linda and Barry to dinner with her and Eddie to make them all more comfortable. THAT would have been a cool move.

Do you think Cisco will continue looking deeper at Harrison as a result of assisting Joe with Nora's murder?

Jim: Given that the blood was not a match for him, it seems unlikely. On the other hand, I suspect Cisco won't let the "Barry from the future" portion go unless forced too.

Tanya: I don't know if he would dig deeper on his own, but I do think he will look at Wells through a slightly less rosy filter now. He still is very loyal to him, but his absolute faith in the goodness of Wells has a very small crack in it.

Narsimha: Not immediately, but I'm sure Wells will do something so shady that will Cisco to come to grips with reality. He's been close before, but he's still firmly on team Wells as of now.

Hank: Absolutely, he wants to get to the truth regardless of where it leads. Sure he's loyal to Wells, but curiosity is part of Cisco's nature. Next episode, he might just realize Joe is accusing Wells of being the Reverse Flash and dig deeper. I'm just hoping we don't lose Tom Cavanagh at the end of this season. Hey, perhaps The Flash Season 2 takes place in some alternate timeline?

Carissa: Cisco isn't a loyal pet; if someone leads him to believe there's a reason to look beyond, he'll continue to do so. He's learning to trust Joe just as he does Henry. Perhaps not as much, but I don't think he'd toss away Joe's hunch easily.

Time travel is on the horizon. Will Joe and Cisco share what they know with Barry right away or hold out on him until they know more?

Jim: This is a comic book story, of course they will wait to tell him! The bigger question is if we will actually get to see (and meet) older Barry at some point.

Tanya: I think Joe would try to hold off until he has a better understanding of what happened that night. Cisco is the one who is more likely to spill the beans now, purely out of geeking out. I mean – time travel. Woo-hoo! Like Jim, I can't wait to see older Barry at some point.

Narsimha: Especially since it has to do with the death of Barry's mother, I don't think they'll reveal anything to him just yet. Joe has to process what he just found out first anyways.

Hank: I'm in the opposite camp, I think Joe will tell Barry right away. The kid's been trying to solve this murder his whole life and now there's physical evidence. Though he might not out Wells right away, I do think Barry will learn his adult self was present the night his mother died. It makes sense now that Barry whooshed his younger self away from the scene. I'm just ridiculously excited time travel is coming, been waiting for this since the pilot!

Carissa: I honestly don't know the answer here. Barry's very bright and it would be helpful to have his input, given it was him at the scene. What would motivate him to go there (other than the obvious)? However, given the proximity of both Barry and Cisco to Harrison, maybe too many people knowing isn't ideal and Barry losing faith in the person keeping him alive would put him in jeopardy.

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