The Originals Round Table: Do You Trust Jackson?

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That may not have been quite the "epic showdown" between Klaus and Jackson that Nathan Parsons promised, what with all the not fighting back Jackson did, but the end result is that Klaus sort of trusts Jackson. Sort of. And hey, Freya's back!

What did the TV Fanatic Round Table think about these recent developments? Join Paul Dailly, Leigh Raines, and Miranda Wicker as we answer all that and more below. Then jump into the comments with your answers.

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What was your favorite quote or scene from The Originals Season 2 Episode 12?

Paul: Favorite scene was Freya attacking everyone who tried to harm her sister. It was excellent. The girl has a lot of power, probably more than any of her siblings. 

Leigh: I mean... Freya immediately became my favorite character when she killed that pain in my ass named Cassie. Also, big ups to Hayley this week but being a bad bitch and telling Klaus that he couldn't make this decision for her. I love that she defended Jackson. 

Miranda: I really loved Fauxbekah's insistence that the girls had to stick together because it's very true to the character. But my favorite little moment goes to Koleb telling Davina and Aiden that Aiden could actually go it alone against Finncent.

On a scale of 1 to WTF, rate Freya's return.

Paul: I wouldn't got quite as far as WTF, but it sure is close. The writers kind of ruined the momentum after letting us know she was in the house with her sister and then followed it with an episode that had nothing to do with the story. Damn you Marcel!

Leigh: I didn't even immediately realize it was the lost Mikaelson sibling until this week. The whole thing had me doing a triple take. Awesome direction the show it taking though, really into this storyline.  

Miranda: I'm giving it a solid WT, no F. It's completely bizarre to me that she's been locked away in an attic in New Orleans for a century. Why is that even in the realm of possibility? But I like her and her super witchy powers, so I'll keep her. For now.

Will trusting Jackson backfire for Hayley and Klaus?

Paul: I have no idea. The guy seems genuine enough and Hayley trusts him. I don't expect Klaus to stop pestering him any time soon. 

Leigh: I hope not. I genuinely trust Jackson and his loyalty to Hayley. 

Miranda: I feel like Jackson and the wolves could be really formidable allies in Klaus and Hayley's mission to keep Hope safe, so I really hope this doesn't backfire on them. I don't think it will. Plus, there's a part of me that hopes Klaus will tap into his wolf side a little more and Jackson will be his spirit guide or something.

What will Finn do now that he knows Hope is alive?

Paul: I expect him to either kidnap hope, or attempt to kill her. Finn's ideal end game is making his brothers pay, so it seems a given that he will use Hope to get to Klaus and Elijah. 

Leigh: If Finn kills an innocent child, we are going to have major issues.  

Miranda: I think...I mean...I want to hope that what's about to happen is Finn and Freya join sides to defeat Dahlia, whenever she returns, in order to protect Hope. I don't think Finn would want to see his niece suffer the same fate his (favorite) sister did. His issue is with his siblings, not the baby. 

Are we really going to lose Daniel Sharman, aka Koleb? (PLEASE OH PLEASE SAY NO!)

Paul: I doubt we will lose him so soon. I won't be shocked if he is made a regular, unless the brothers all return to their old bodies somehow. 

Leigh: Well, since I already lost him on Teen Wolf, how about The Originals let us keep him. Pretty please? Thanks. 

Miranda: I know they can't return him to his old body because it was destroyed by the white oak stake, but can we please find some way not to lose him? Please? The thought makes me sort of weepy. I really, really love him.

The Originals Season 2 Episode 13 airs Monday night at 8/7c on The CW, but you can always watch The Originals online right here at TV Fanatic.

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