The Walking Dead Round Table: We Are The Walking Dead

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Rick and the group reached a new low on The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 10, and just when it seemed like they might become one of them, Mother Nature showed up.

Join Eric Nordhoff from the Walker Stalkers, Sean McKenna, Whitney Evans, and Miranda Wicker as we dish on all things Walking Dead. Be sure to jump into the comments below with your answers, particularly to questions 2 and 4.

What was your favorite quote or scene from "Them?"

Eric: How can it not be "We Are The Walking Dead." by Rick.  Such a great line from the comics.  

Sean: I really liked the scene where the dogs came out. It was a threat that was different from the walkers or other people, and we saw what the group was willing to do to them after. Sometimes you've got to do what you can to survive...

Whitney: Yeah, I have to go with the "We Are The Walking Dead" line as well. I haven't read the comics so I didn't know that was coming and I thought it was a really powerful statement.

Miranda: I'll go with Daryl having a little breakdown all by himself in the woods. He has this unparalleled desire to be strong for the group while fighting the urge to break off on his own because he feels like that would be easier than getting attached. I'm glad he had his moment to grieve, and I'm glad Carol was able to help him see that he needed to have it.

Which would you least want to eat: Dogs or Frogs?

Eric: Frogs. I've had frog legs and hated it.  I almost croaked. :)

Sean: Ugh. Where's a fast-food restaurant when you need it! I'd probably least want to eat dogs because I'd rather they be my companion on my post-apocalyptic journey.

Whitney: 100% dogs. There's just no way I could do it. A frog sounds like an easier challenge.

Miranda: Aren't frogs supposed to taste like chicken? I'll save the dogs.

Maggie FINALLY discussed Beth. What's your reaction?

Eric: It seems she bottled up her emotions until she finally couldn't handle it anymore.  I thought it was necessary that she dealt with it in this episode.  I'm glad everyone dealt with their emotions in this episode.  I'm hoping we move on now and begin to see more action and changes.  I'm intrigued how they are going to play "Aaron" - the new character.  

Sean: I thought it was ridiculous that she never really mentioned Beth before, but I liked that we got to see with her deal with it in this episode. It felt very raw, and it was nice to see her deal with everything, much like the others. At least she still has Glenn.

Whitney: It was bordering on silly the way she never talked about Beth while she was missing. I'm glad they finally gave Maggie a chance to grieve but it kind of seemed a little too late to get me really invested in it.

Miranda: I, like so many others, never understood why Maggie never mentioned Beth. Her explanation that it was easier to believe her sister was dead made sense for both the character and the world in which they're living. This group has lost so many people that they're starting to come apart at the seams from the constant pulling and pushing of hope and despair. Maggie's not immune to that.

How DID that barn go untouched through that storm?

Eric: Miracles happen.  

Sean: The power of teamwork. 

Whitney: While I was watching that scene, I actually said out loud, "Only on TV."

Miranda: "You've never seen it miss this house, and miss that house, and come after you." Jo from Twister rang through my head in the aftermath of that scene.

What are your hopes for the Aaron/Alexandria storyline coming up?

Eric: As a comic reader, I know how this story goes and I hope they stick to the comics on this one.  It's a good introduction to the storyline and it will significantly increase the number of characters we are adding to The Walking Dead.  

Sean: I have no clue about the comic storyline, but anytime we get a new person to interact with the group always is exciting. I'm curious as to what his angle is, but I'm hoping he and whatever group he is with feel a bit different than the people from Woodbury or Terminus. But my hopes are high!

Whitney: I don't know who Aaron is or what he's up, to but I was excited to see him at the end. I'm ready for some fresh blood and a new location!

Miranda: I'm not sure where I read it, but every time Rick and the gang roll up on a new group, bad things happen. The sanctuary falls to pieces. So I'm buckling up for some serious drama to come now that Aaron has appeared, and I have no idea what happens in the comics. I just know this is probably going to make me crazy, scared, angry, and excited. Let's do it.

To get your zombie fill or see that crazy post-tornado scene we talked about up there, watch The Walking Dead online.

Miranda Wicker was a Staff Writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in 2017. Follow her on Twitter.

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