What We're Watching: Prepare to Binge Watch!

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Employers everywhere are cursing Netflix this week as they brace themselves against an onslaught of people calling in sick this Friday. 

Why the mass exodus from work? Because House of Cards Season 3 is here! 

Netflix knows there's one thing people love and that's the ability to binge watch their favorite shows and Netflix loves to give the people what they want. (Except My Little Pony. Still kind of bitter about that one...)

Here's what we're watching this week at TV Fanatic.

Before we can spend some time with the Underwoods, there's a lot more TV ground to cover. Megan and Whitney will meet Chris Soules' parents on The Bachelor Season 19. 

Elsewhere, several shows are ending their runs this week.

Marvel's Agent Carter will take a bow on Tuesday night, as will Parks and Recreation. While there's a chance we'll see Agent Carter again, this is the end of the line for our friends in Pawnee. (We can always watch Parks and Recreation online, though, so Leslie Knope is only a few clicks away.)

How To Get Away With Murder Season 1 will also air it's season finale this week in a two-hour TGIT special. We're all but guaranteed to see Viola Davis and the gang back again this fall because there's no way they're answering all the questions we've asked this season in two episodes. 

That just about covers our week, so now it's your turn! What are YOU watching, TV Fanatics? Sound off in the comments below!

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