Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Round Table: Transformation and Lies

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There's no doubt the introduction of the Inhumans is an exciting development.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Episode 11 not only brought us up to speed with Skye and her new abilities, but we saw what Raina became as well. The flashback to the Inhuman community was interesting and we learned what role Skye's mother played there.

Join TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Kathleen Wiedel, Allison Nichols, Christine Orlando, Hank Otero and the Helicarrier Podcast's Andy Behbakht as we discuss the Inhumans, Bobbie and Mack's secret and lots more in our latest Round Table...

Agents of SHIELD Round Table - depreciated -

What did you think of Jiaying's role in Inhuman society? Did teleporter Gordon grow up to take her place?

Andy: I think it's cool, at least for the show, that Skye's/Daisy's mom gets to be deeply involved in the early days of the Inhuman society. I think Gordon/Reader (I really think this is the Reader character from the comics) did indeed take her place or was at least one of the people to take over for her. I'm quite interested in this character and I'm almost wanting to go and read his first comics appearance as he is actually a very recent addition to the comics universe.

Jim: I agree with Andy, he did take her place, the phrase "don't worry beautiful, I'll guide you" was exactly what Jiaying had said to him when he was lost and having trouble controlling his abilities. Like Andy, I'm curious if this is the new comic character Reader, or some MCU created character.  

Kathleen: I'm not familiar with the Reader character from the comics, but it does look like Gordon took Jiaying's place. As Jim pointed out, he said the same thing to Raina that Jiaying said to him: "Hello, beautiful." It's a reminder that even though their changes may be outwardly scary or even horrific, they don't have to be that way on the inside. What this means for Raina, we'll just have to wait and see.

Allison: I love that she trains those going through the transformation. Gordon taking her place and using the same phrase just shows how valuable Jiaying was to him and to those like him. I hope to see more glimpses of her in the flashbacks, as well as learning about this Inhuman training camp, of sorts.

Christine: If Skye’s mom was a mentor and a trainer then perhaps Skye can aspire to do the same. As much as I flinch when I see Gordon ( I have a thing about eyes, or the lack there of) I do think it’s cool that’s he’s stepped into this role. I am hoping that he can help Raina.

Hank: I just loved seeing Jiaying again. The character seemed so important, yet we learned so very little about her. I'm hoping we continue to visit the character via flashbacks as we learn all about Inhuman society. Yes, I think Gordon grew up and took on Jiaying's role.

Share your thoughts on Raina's transformation and the character's makeup effects.

Andy: Ever since day one, when this character appeared on the series, I always imagined what she would look like if she had her comic counterpart appearance and while I'm not 100% sure if they are adapting the Raina from the comics (who is a mutant there), the makeup effects do look quite similar to it. It was heartbreaking to see this intriguing character getting the complete opposite of what she wanted. But big props to the team over at SHIELD for making it look and feel very real.

Jim: I'm actually disappointed they didn't keep more of Ruth Negga's natural appearance. While the makeup is well done and looks fairly realistic, we've lost so much of Ruth's natural emoting that she's having to over-act to show any emotion through the mask/makeup.

Kathleen: I think it is quite interesting that the lovely Girl in the Flower Dress became a spikey, hideous monster. As she said to Cal, she was expecting to transform into some sort of angelic, divine being, and instead she became a beast. It's like "Beauty and the Beast" on acid. Also, there's a parallel here between the Raina/Skye transformations and those of Red Skull and Captain America after taking their versions of the Super Soldier Serum. Remember, in that case, Red Skull and Cap each became more of themselves, their bodies changing to reflect their souls. That's not really what happened here with the Terrigen mists, but the specific outcome here makes sense. Raina was always ruthless in her pursuit of this end, wasn't she?

Allison: I loved that Raina hated what she became. It was an interesting situation to put her in, and it's not only that she doesn't like her appearance - she is in physical pain. I can't wait to find out more about why each Inhuman gets the abilities that they do.

Christine: The makeup was amazing. I can’t believe she found a hoodie large enough to cover those spikes but I honestly felt badly for her. That the girl who like flowers turned into a human porcupine was sad. When she begged for help, “What about me? You have to help me” and was heartlessly turned away, I couldn’t help but feel her hopelessness.

Hank: I think the makeup looked fantastic considering the TV budget. However, I have to agree with Jim, Ruth Negga is completely lost underneath all the spikes and silicone. I'm wondering if the character is on her way out? That would be a shame, as "Flowers" was always so fascinating.

Did Mack appear overly aggressive to you? Is this a lingering side effect of his possession in the temple?

Andy: No, I think his reaction and behavior was pretty realistic for someone that got controlled by alien technology and it's probably his way of having a post-trauma. I think Mack has always had those strong emotions inside, but up until this point, he didn't have a reason to get that upset but now he does. He is also just scared to death because he is dealing with something completely new to humanity and anger is one of those natural reactions.

Jim: Mack's reaction is pretty normal. Though I loved him shouting as Fitz about "do you know how it feels to not be in control" and Fitz's ever so calm reply of "yeah I do". That certainly vented some of the steam out of Mack's anger.  

Kathleen: I'm with Andy and Jim. Mack's behavior is perfectly reasonable under the circumstances. That said, Coulson definitely needs to hire a shrink, because his team's got some serious issues.

Allison: I viewed Mack's reaction as normal given what he went through. He had something take over his body and use it to do horrible things, which is not something you just get over. Mack feels like if Coulson hadn't been so obsessed with finding this temple and the Diviner, then he would have never had to experience what he went through.

Christine: The entire team has been traumatized so Mack’s outbursts were no surprise. It’s how he’ll choose to channel that anger that’s a little unsettling.

Hank: Guess I'm alone on this one. The Mack we've come to know was always level-headed and soft spoken. This new guy seems like he's suffering from roid rage or something. I have a feeling we'll learn there are residual effects from his possession in the temple.

Fitz informed Skye her heartbeat was almost 300 bpm (and inhuman), yet he released her from quarantine. Why do you think he did it?

Andy: I think ever since his accident in the season one finale, he understands what it's like to be different and have people look at you differently. I think he wanted to spare Skye from that because he gets that she didn't choose to be an Inhuman and she is now forced to live with it. Otherwise, I'm not sure why he did it, I don't think it has to do with any romantic feelings that he used to have for her back in season one. But yeah, I think it has to do with the fact that he wants to protect her from the rest of the team that are both on mixed sides with how to deal with the Inhumans.

Jim: Andy nailed it. He knows the team (especially Simmons) will over-react right now with Trip's death and he wants to protect her for as long as he can. Though I will say if Quake doesn't start figuring out how to harness and direct her powers, it will be very hard for it to be a secret long.  

Kathleen: Fitz probably sees himself in her situation: the pain, guilt, helplessness, and isolation. Skye didn't ask for this to happen to her, and she's scared. She's not the same anymore, and she probably never will be again. Fitz definitely can empathize with her in this situation. Whether it was actually a good idea or not...?

Allison: I agree that Fitz did this out of protection. He views himself as changed and damaged, and he thinks the team does not know what to do with him. Fitz wants to protect Skye from this feeling and from being isolated from her team. I'm also curious if Fitz overheard Simmon's new game plan of eradicating anything alien/Inhuman.

Christine: Fitz knows what’s it’s like to wake up one day and find that you’re no longer the same person. I’ve also always seen him as the other half of Simmons (They used to be known as FitzSimmons) and I think he’s trying to balance out Simmons overreaction to Trip's death. Right now, Skye needs protection and Fitz has stepped up and filled that role.

Hank: I agree with everyone, Fitz can sympathize with Skye's situation. Still, that does not excuse this massive lie. Like Jim says, if she doesn't figure out how to control her powers the secret won't last long. Someone is going to get hurt big time and who's going to take the blame? That's right, good 'ol Fitz.

Bobbie and Mack have that little secret. Any idea what they want with Fury's toolbox, and who are they working for?

Andy: I know it's a little far fetched but a lot of people have been speculating this and I'm actually fond of the idea: they are forming the West Coast Avengers, but with a little bit of a twist! I can't think of someone that they would be working FOR as I think they might be in charge of whatever it is that they are part of.

Jim: Andy, I'm disappointed you didn't figure it out.. They're working for Nick Fury of course! I'm betting he sent them in to get something he needs, and they will get it for him in just over 2 months.. say around May 1st... Oh wait, isn't there a Marvel movie due out about that time??? hmmmmm could there be a connection?

Kathleen: I've seen several theories floating around out there. They might be working for Fury himself, as Jim suggested, but I really don't see why Fury would give Coulson the toolbox and then have Bobbi and Mack go after it. They could be working for Maria Hill, but then you run into the same question. It could be Tony Stark, but why would he need the toolbox? It's pretty much up in the air at this point, but I'm pretty sure they're not traitors.

Allison: I definitely considered that Bobbi and Mack are working for a friendly - Fury, Maria Hill, Natasha, someone. I don't think that they are "evil," or anything. They might have orders to do something without Coulson knowing. Another option is that they are with a group of former SHIELD agents that maybe don't side with Coulson or just have a different agenda than he does. I'm definitely curious.

Christine: I’m really curious because I wouldn’t put it past either of them to go rogue, there would have to be a good reason and a plan. Right now I think all of the above are possibilities and I can’t wait to find out what it is.

Hank: I think Fury seems too obvious. That said, I also don't think they're Hydra. The writing team has been there, done that you know? I thought of Tony Stark but as Kathleen mentioned, what the heck would he need with Fury's toolbox? I have a feeling we wouldn't see this one coming from a mile away. The person they're working for will be the last person we'd ever guess.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Fitz: Well it's not good to keep things to yourself Mack. I know what you're going through.
Mack: Really? You know what it's like to lose control? To be trapped inside your own body unable to tell it what to do? To watch yourself hurt the people that you care about?
Fitz: Yeah.
Mack: I'm sorry buddy.
Fitz: It's okay.

Skye: I keep thinking Trip is going to come see me. Make fun of me for being stuck in quarantine. Call me a goldfish or hamster or something. And every time I wake up, I remember all over again. I just can't believe he's not coming back. He should not have been down there.
Coulson: You both went in for a good reason. To prevent Hydra from starting a cataclysm.
Skye: He was trying to save me.
Couslon: He may have saved all of us. The Obelisk triggered a massive earthquake. Imagine how much worse it could have been if he hadn't destroyed it? He died a hero.