Archer Season 6 Episode 11 Review: Achub Y Morfilod

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Closet rampage!! On Archer Season 6 Episode 11, Archer attempts to reconcile with Lana by taking her on what he feels is a romantic getaway.  The destination was definitely romantic. The getaway, not so much.

Meanwhile, somewhere in a barrage of hand jokes, Krieger attempted to surgically fix Ray's hand in a hilarious homage to M.A.S.H.

This episode wasn't as consistently funny as some of the other recent outings. However, when it was funny, it was downright hilarious.

A Romantic Getaway - Archer

We picked up almost right where we left off last week, though we don't actually realize that for about a full minute. Archer sedated Lana in the middle of their argument about Katya, and flew her to Wales so that he could talk to her in a more peaceful, romantic setting.

I would expect nothing less than a disastrous romantic getaway from Sterling Archer. He may be maturing and changing, but he definitely didn't turn into the model boyfriend overnight.

That said, he really did pick a beautiful place. I've always wanted to go to Wales! Even Lana admitted it was a lovely place, despite her ire at Archer. He gets an A for effort.

I wondered why the CIA would even let Archer use their plane to carry an unconscious Lana to Wales, and I knew there had to be a mission involved. The Llewellyn brothers (Lloyd voiced by Matthew Rhys) were Welsh separatists and possible terrorists, wanted by MI-5. So Archer's and Lana's mission was to extract them.

At first, the whole CIA-Archer alliance just seemed to be another way to give the gang spy work to do. However, it's been getting more and more intriguing. The CIA has given Archer and the gang a startling number of cases that involve betraying political alliances. 

The agency is obviously using them, but to what end? What's their agenda? I'm curious to see how all of this will play out over the next few weeks.

Lana and Archer both have jealousy issues, although Lana's seems to be worse. In Archer Season 6 Episode 9, she was willing to seduce an almost-minor to make Archer jealous. Today, she jeopardized a mission just to do the same. Archer has some more growing up to do, obviously, but Lana also needs to get it together a bit.

Meanwhile, back at headquarters, Kreiger and the gang (I honestly don't know what to call them anymore, now that they're not the ISIS-crew) were performing surgery on Ray's arm, in true M.A.S.H. fashion. Despite the barrage of hand jokes and Kreiger's advances towards Cheryl, it was pretty simple.

Krieger: Alrighty, can someone give me a hand?
Cheryl: But Doctor, I thought the patient was getting the hand.
Krieger: Speaking of hands, Nurse, I'm -
Cheryl: Overplaying yours?
Krieger: Well I was gonna say "putty in yours" m'dear but I'll have to hand it to ya!
Cheryl: Hmm - keep your hands to yourself, Doctor.
Cyril: Can we have a show of hands? Who thinks this is getting out of hand?
Ray: Goddammit!! Can you please shut up - and sew on my robot hand!

I remember thinking it was too simple. The cut from Archer's conversations to their conversations were disconnected; they seemed non-sequitur. Also, nothing going wrong during the surgery? No one losing their mind? No adverse events? Too simple.

Then we saw Ray's hand. Ray's brand, spankin' new African-American hand. That, to me, was one of the single funniest moments in Archer since "survey says!" and "hooray for metaphors!" Absolutely brilliant.

The humor in this episode came in scattered but powerful bursts. The Glengoolie commercials were hilarious, especially since "the best of times" were represented by Archer with tampons up his bloody nostrils. The running joke with the toast was also pretty funny. Also, again, Ray's hand.


  • Glengoolie STERLING! 
  • Closet rampage!!


  • Deliverance – I'm amazed at a Deliverance reference that didn't include a banjo or a piggy.
  • M.A.S.H. – too many references to count, honestly.
  • "Spearchucker...Jones!"  – a M.A.S.H reference that deserved it's own line, because of Cyril's hilarious exasperation. Because "Jones" makes the name all better.
  • Frodo P. Gryffindor – a Lord of the Rings AND a Harry Potter reference in one swoop! I love this show.

What did you think? What does the CIA have up their sleeve? Whose worse with the jealousy – Lana or Archer? How do you think Ray will react to his new hand?

Also, remember you can always watch Archer online to relive some of the good moments!

Achub Y Morfilod Review

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Archer Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Seriously, what is this, the Shire?


Lana: Just curious, what happened between your bedroom and right now?
Archer: Well, you were hysterical, Lana, so I thought the best thing to do would be inject you with a tranquilizer, drive you to a private air field, put you on a CIA plane, fly you overnight to Wales, and then...that brings us to now.