Being Mary Jane Season 2 Episode 7: Full Episode Live!

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What's happening here?!

Do you remember when Mary Jane wanted nothing more than for David to be standing in front of her in his skivvies, looking incredibly sexy, telling her he wanted a life with her no matter what?

Well, did you ever imagine he would be doing that and she would be telling him it was all conducive on whether or not he just impregnated her? Yep. That's what you'll see on Being Mary Jane Season 2 Episode 7. She'd welcome him with open arms, of course, but only if God gave them a baby. Otherwise, she's not willing to deal with damn blended families and all baggage.

Time to move onward and upward. So, what will it be? Baby and David or are they through? Or, will Mary Jane do a complete about face and change her mind once again and everything will be different on another day? The only way to find out is to watch Being Mary Jane online.

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